Women in love.  Having worked as a leading, well known agony aunt for many  years I can honestly tell you that a woman  who is in love is quite different to a man who is in love.  The way a female sees the feeling of being in love and how it affects her is very different too.  This is why there are more women who get into a state about affairs, marriages,  romances and relationships than men. Women come to us agony aunts to have their problems solved,usually they are romantic. You can consult one of our qualified experienced experts with a 1 2 1 email session or use the hundreds of free pages here instantly.


Females are less visual and less driven by sex than men so their feelings are more important in the whole process.  A woman dreams of finding Mr. Right and falling in love with him and making him happy either by living with him, being his wife, having a close bond and spending a lot of time with him or some other way.  Men tend to think of the process of being in love as how they want the woman and want to spend time with her and have sex with her rather than wanting to make a commitment or  make her  happy.  When a woman says to a man she would do anything to please him this is because she genuinely wants him to be happy.  When a man says he wants to please a woman it is because he hopes that if he pleases her she will then give him what he wants.   A woman buys her man fishing equipment and hopes he has a nice weekend.  A man buys his woman sex toys and clothes because he is the one who wants  to have a nice weekend.








I was recently talking to a male client who is old, very unattractive, fat, bald and has no personality. He really has very little to offer girls.  He was telling me how much he would like to find a partner but cannot find anyone suitable.    I knew what he meant.  He meant that he cannot find someone who is less than half his age,  very good looking and sexy and very vibrant and bubbly.    But he did not say that.  I asked him what he thought of old men who expect to find a much younger and attractive girl and he went on at great length about how ridiculous and one sided that is and that it is no wonder they are all alone and lonely.  He could not see that he was one of them.  I asked him what sort of woman he was looking for and when he had to describe and explain it he described a much younger, very good looking woman.  He said it was very important to him that she was educated and intelligent too.  I asked him what he had to offer her and he looked puzzled and could not understand why I asked!   He ought to consult a reputable, established advisor. At the  very  least he should go to the threads  or even the  support


I know an exceptionally beautiful woman who is also very educated with a phd. She has had five books published and appeared on television regularly. She has given up on men because all of the men she found only wanted her for her looks, because she was much younger than them, her figure etc. None of them valued what was going on in between her ears.


 Women in love.

Women in Love