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What is it you want out of life?  Is it emotional happiness? Is it peace and quiet? Is it ever lasting excitement or is it financial success? Do you work hard or do you prefer to relax and do nothing knowing this means you have less money to spend but total freedom and lots of time?   You cannot have it both ways.


Want help with deciding your next step? Unsure about what to do?  Need a qualified and caring professional to show you the way? For full details of our services go to Header


Charlotte has been helping people to decide what is best for them and resolve issues that are causing them  unhappiness for nearly four decades. No situation or problem is too big for her.    You can consult her in safety.


Think about how much you want to change things.  Are you unhappy at work?  Are you unhappy in a relationship?  Are you unhappy because you would like to be in a relationship but the person you want does not feel the same way?  Are you wanting to feel safe financially but worried because you have little coming in or too much going out?  Have you got debts that you have to come to terms with?  Has someone you love dumped you and made it clear they will not return?   Whatever the reason for your unrest you have come to the right place for a solution.


Every day Charlotte gives advice to those who need a sympathetic ear and the wisdom to show them the way.  Charlotte has far more experience than the juniors who work for publications such as the magazines and newspapers - and she is much quicker too.  Get a reply from her within days.


If your situation is a big one then do not trust an amateur with it, this is foolhardy and you will regret it. Go to someone who has the experience, knowledge and wisdom to be able to truly solve it for you   -

Charlotte Craig. You can also read this extra piece and go to the bulletin board.


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