Why Did He Prefer My Friend?

for Why did he prefer my friend? Talk to an agony aunt online for free. It still hurts, after all of this time.  John and I had known each other for a few years and then started to see each other as an item.   This led to the most sensational and sweet sex I had ever had, and believe me I have had a few, we were intimate and it was hot sex too.  Yet somehow despite us getting on so well and wanting each other so much that we would rip each other's clothes off, things did not work out.   They were fine until Rachel  my best friend came along.


I hate Rachel. It is because of Rachel I am unhappy and decided to talk to an agony aunt online for free.  Unfortunately the professionals do not work for free so I had to pay to consult a proper agony aunt or chat to my friends online for free, but it was worth it. She had her own boyfriend - Steven - and they were supposedly happy and fine together but once we started to go out as a group things just did not work out.   For one thing she would flirt with my guy John and when I said anything she would laugh it off or say I was imagining things or telling me not to be so paranoid or insecure  Once or twice I saw her brush against John or touch his hand and look at him in a longing way but if I said anything she would say I was imagining that too.


Rachel is the reason that it has all gone wrong for me! She stole my man.  Now I hate her and want her to drop dead.


I was so upset and so angry that I went to see my doctor for free, she prescribed me with tablets to calm me down,  this is the same as saying that I am at fault and Rachel has done no wrong.  Then I went to see a free counsellor because the doctor sent me to one, and again they were talking to me as though I was making up or exaggerating something.  Then I tried to be cool and see John less and see Rachel less too and stop going out as a foursome, and again it somehow became my fault that  things had changed and were not as good as before. Then I went online and researched it and found that he is mentally ill.  I realised I needed professional help so I consulted an agony aunt online, Charlotte Craig, the idea  was to talk to her and then know what to do. I went online and found her website and paid for a private  1 2 1 with her, it was well worth it.


Then there was the big argument with Rachel because she was sitting there talking to HER boyfriend yet she kept thinking about John. I knew she was thinking about him and undressing him with her eyes but when I said it to her she blushed and stammered and insisted I was imagining things - what a cop out. How cowardly of her not to admit it.


One day I heard her whispering to John and they were giggling!  But when I said something she said something along the lines of here we go again as though I was a troublemaker and it turned out that John had been asking her advice on what to get me for my birthday.  How was I to know that? And I am sure that was a lie.  They were always lying to me.


Being in love with a guy who cheats sucks, being with a friend who wants your guy is worse.  Both of them hurt me and let me down.  So I wrote to Charlotte Craig at askagonyaunt.com and asked for advice on what to do.  She helped me out.  Thank goodness.

What advice would YOU have given me?


My psychiatrist is telling me that this is one of various episodes I have had.  This is something an agony aunt online might not understand, maybe, not sure.  He says that a few years ago I was seeing a guy called Ian and I kept starting arguments with him.  Of course I did, who would not start arguments with a guy who was always thinking about other women and undressing them with his eyes?!!  Ian dumped me but only before I could dump him. He was cheating on me in his dreams. He would go to sleep and imagine he was with them and when he kissed me he would imagine he was kissing them instead of me.  He was a two timing shite. Why did he prefer my friend? Talk to an agony aunt online for free.


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