Where to

Meet Men

Where to meet men.   There is meeting guys that are ok, guys that are very suitable and can make you happy, guys that are bad news and that would be a total disaster!  Finding a guy who is both suitable and can make you happy is no easy task.  Then you need to work out what your idea of the right guy for you is, because the guy who is right for you would be wrong for your mother, sister or friend and the guy who is right for them is probably a disaster for you.  Which things do you value in a person?   Make a list of the various attributes, qualities and things a person can give you and put them in order of how important they are.  With one person ift might be all about looks and a person who is fit, healthy and good looking would be essential to them.  Try to be fair and do not make a very long list where the other person must be perfect and offer you everything. Then look to what you can offer them.   The place to find the best person for you will tell you a lot about the personality and character of the person you want.  A studious book worm is far more likely to be at a library than a noisy club.


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Now match up the lists to see how fair you really are.  Today I spoke to a client of mine who is very  old, nothing to look at, does not have a job or much money and has problems with housing and getting an income yet she says she will only date people who are very young, very good looking, very wealthy and with a great job, lovely home and flashy red sports car. We all have our dreams but if she expects a man like that to turn away women who are the same age as him and offer him more then she is going to be in for a huge disappointment.   It is fine to be picky and fussy so long as you are being realistic about it.  If you are unemployed and have debts you are unlikely to be of much interest to someone who has a lot of money stashed away in a bank, who works very hard and who has been far more careful and smart about things.  If you are poor and your ambition is to become well off then work hard.  Not only would you then have more self respect but you would also be more likely to be of interest to someone who of more than a paper tiger.


The most ridiculous situation I ever came across was a guy who had treated his wife like s**t and was forever cheating on her and never at home.  He thought nothing of her feelings or her needs.   But then he became very ill and found it hard to breath. He needed to have oxygene cylinders scattered around his home and was often feeling too worn out and exhausted to do anything. He needed someone to do all of the housework and nurse him.  He now expected her to cancel her plans to go and be happy with a much nicer and more honest man to be there to tend to his needs.


The places to go to find your perfect person will depend on what your idea of the perfect person is.  If you are not too fussed about what the people are like then just go anywhere!  But most of us prefer to be picky and we do not want to waste out time at the wrong places.  By using some common sense you can match up the place to the type of person you want. A music lover might go to gigs, a studious type to libraries, an extrovert to parties, a Christian to church, a fit person at a gym etc.  Most go wrong by not thinking about the best place and going off just anywhere and then meeting the wrong type.


Where to meet men.