Where did our Love Go?

Where did our love go?  Ask best agony aunt advice columnist. Where do I start? Jennifer is the girl for me, nobody could replace her, she asked me to move in with her and I was so happy. When I moved in it worked out so well, we got on perfectly, no arguments and no problems... until...


I start here. The trust is that I become bored. I just became bored with life. Not with Jennifer or love but with everything.  I was fed up with work,  my friends seemed boring, there was nothing going on or to look forward to that turned me on. Somehow  despite our love Jennifer got caught up in all of this and became a casualty of it. I would make excuses to go out for a walk without her or fall asleep while she was there with me, or stop buying her flowers and taking her out.  I took her for granted, I never stopped loving her, but where I went wrong was forgetting she had feelings too, something no wise man should ever do with a popular and sexy woman. Did her love die for me or did my feelings for her go, no. If you ask the very best advice columnist  agony aunt they will not know but I can tell you. Did I want someone else? No. Did I explain to her? No.  Our relationship suffered, her respect for me went.


For a while she would try to talk to me and try to sort it out then she gave up, then she would say she was going out with a friend or whatever, until I realised this friend was another man.  I could not blame her, I would have done the same if I had been her in her shoes.  But I hated it, I wanted her to love me and be there for me, not enjoying the company of this sleazeball.  In other words I was a selfish immature bastard who had no thought to how awful she was feeling or what she needed out of life. She might have been bored too but did that occur to me at the time? Where did I go wrong? A competent agony aunt or advice colunist would say that I did not do my best. Does anyone do their best?  I ask you!


Boredom is a strange thing it eats into you and takes you over. You can soon get used to thinking that life is that way all of the time. It is not about love disappearing, it did not go, it was still there. Where? Where is it? Please give it back.  I found it so hard to get joy from anything and even love did not touch me and wanted so much to. It used to be that Jennifer was my joy but now that I knew she had gone out with a male friend for a bit that somehow soured all of that too.  It was not fair of me to expect her to just wait for me to snap out of it, after all she had no guarantee I ever would and she had to enjoy life too, but there was something about the way she was with me that  made me sad. Instead of being like the woman in my life she became more like a friend or a sister,  no real love there, just memories of what used to be. If only I had consulted an agony aunt or advice columnist when this started.


So please remember if you ever go through a period of boredom not to take it out on the people around you, you need to be good to them, you owe it to them to care about them no matter what, it is not their fault that you feel as you do.  When you go through a bad phase  do your best to come out of it as quickly as you can but not at the cost of your relationships or by hurting those who care.  One day you will see what I mean, maybe, probably, definitely.  Lots of people go through bad patches and very often they are all alone needing to cope alone with no support. I should have told Jennifer how I felt so that she supported me instead of becoming all introverted and self sufficient, it did not work, it made things far worse. Where did our love go?  Ask best agony aunt advice columnist.



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