Toy Boys

Toy boys.   It used to be frowned upon for anyone to be dating, living with or married to someone who is much older or younger than themselves. Now it is considered quite normal and acceptable.  During my years of working as a leading agony aunt, helping celebrities sort out their lives, I  had a lot of people come to me with problems regarding age gap relationships.  Usually the problems were caused by the reaction of others rather than practical and real problems between the two people involved.


We now  call a younger man who is dating or with an older woman a toy boy and we call the older woman a cougar.  Some young men quite quite keen on the idea of meeting an older woman and having sex or a relationship with her.  They fantasise about meeting this older woman and having someone who is experienced, mature, decisive, sexually adventurous and broadminded and independent.  They assume that older women  have more knowledge about sex (I have met women who are 60+ who have never had sex). There are a lot of older women who genuinely do desire a younger man and very often they do just want them for sex and fun, but this does not mean that they do not care what the guy is like and are not fussy.   If the woman is beautiful, sexy, fit, healthy, interesting, well dressed, with a lot to offer,  she will attract a lot of younger guys and can be selective.  If she is maried then she also has to think about being discrete and making sure that the young guy is worth sneaking off and lying for and can be trusted to keep her secrets.  Then there are the practical issues such as the younger man needing to have a place of his own because they cannot meet at her place.  If the young guy lives in a room or with his parents or cannot afford  hotel rooms when they meet this may well put her off.  If he does not have a job and is asking her for money or cannot afford to even take her out for a good evening then she should run a mile.







It is possible to find a younger man who wants a proper serious long term relationship and if this is what the woman is seeking she can get it if she is patient. But the majority of young men are seeking something that is for the here and now, temporary, gone and forgotten in a year or so.  And many of them are too immature to be able to make such a relationship work as a permanent thing. I have had a lot of younger men try it on with me, not that I am interested in any of them.


If the woman is intelligent and educated she will want more than a guy who can perform sex on her for hours anyway and is more likely to go for a man of her own age or older.  None of the hundreds of older females I have discussed this with have wanted a guy just for his looks or for sex or been interested in a gymnast in the bedroom. They prefer to have someone romantic who treats them nicely, takes them out, is good company and can pay his way.  Usually it comes down to whether the woman wants brain or brawn. If she merely wants a fling she may prefer the younger guy but if she seeks something serious or long lasting she may be better off with the older men.


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Toy boys.