Hi Kathy here. I applied to work on this site in 2011 and was not sure if I was suitable. I then worked for Marks and Spencer but was sick of the long hours and working Saturdays. Thankfully I was offered the job here and really enjoy it.


Kathy, UK.






Started to do your training course, the private one,  and enjoy the lessons loads, good fun and price is ok like too.  


Jason Kennedy UK


13th Aug 10


Hiya babe,


Wow.  Saw an ad saying abouts being an agony uncle writer, thought "eh, what's this?"  and had a look see.  Love site babes.  Real glad I signed up and got stuck in. Awesome stuff.  Told a few pals about it and they use site now just for a laugh. Cool.


Herman Hoodie UK



21 September 2010


Hullo and loves yer Charlie,


Never seen a site like this b4 and very pleased I found it. Not sure why I came 2 it 2 be  honest.  Was at a turning point in me life where needed a boost, a listening ear, maybe something 2 look 4ward to and a person who cared.  Could not go 2 mates and things were chewing me up inside.  Truth be told felt so alone with it all was thinking of killing meself.  So glad I heard about u and came 2 here.  U were my rock. Chuffed 2 say that thanks 2 ur guidance all is good now, phew. LOL.  Back 2 my normal laughing and  happy self.  Wish I could do what u do.  Enjoy reading all  the bits and pages on different things and like that they is free.


Lots and lots of love,


Angel USA



Dec 2010


Good afternoon Askagonyaunt,


Just a quick note to say thank you very much to the lady who wrote back so quickly with advice to my concern. I highly recommend your professional service. Please thank the lady for me.


Mrs Susan ******* UK

Ask Agony Aunt  Review

Every customer is delighted with how good we are and how quickly we work. The only time we have seen a so called bad review was when it was written by someone who applied for a job to work with us and was turned down because their grammar and spelling  or/and advice giving was not good enough  for our clients to pay for, and they were angry at us. If you read their missives you can see that they are not articulate and good enough at writing or thinking to be hired as a well paid advisor. None of them spent a penny on the site.

If you write to a newspaper or magazine for help it often takes a month for them to receive and write back to you. They receive loads of letters and can only read yours quickly, often just skimping over it and missing points. And you do not get the celebrity advisor you get one of their junior team. Here you can make sure it is Charlotte that you consult. Charlotte Craig could not have lasted as a professional and built up a popular service, where she has been praised by the Press, celebrity clients, professionals, experts, radio and television, for over thirty years, if she was not very good at her job and caring.  Our clients have the choice of consulting Charlotte personally herself. If you write to a magazine or newspaper you have no option - you have to make do with one of the minions - the celebrity or the well known person who heads it is often just a face and a name to draw people in and does not reply to anyone. When the greats like Claire Rayner became more well known they were too busy to reply to their mail themselves - they had staff to do all of this form them.

They were writing books, appearing on radio and television and leading a normal life with their families.  And as the newspapers and magazines were not being paid by customers they were not going to opay out high wages to staff to reply to the letters. It was much cheaper to hire housewives and unemployed counsellors than to pay the greats to be there. You know the saying,you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Speaking of which we pay very well and we only hire the best.  Are YOU good enough at writing and advising to join our team Why not give it a try, you have noting to lose at all.

















Charlotte Craig and her team of experienced, properly and fully trained, wise advisors can help YOU.  This is how they earn their living, so they have to be good.  Whatever your problem do not trust it to unqualified amateurs who just guess and get it all wrong, trust a qualified professional.  And remember - once you have told one of your close ones a secret you never know if it is safe anymore.  People gossip and spread rumours quickly.  Theycan also repeat things all different to what you told them because they do not listen properly,  have a wild imagination or twist it. Take yourtime to read through our site before deciding but if you need counselling or guidance there is no place better than here.   There is no other qualified, full time professional or experienced advisor making herself available to you personally on or off line. She has written for and been published in the Daily Mirror national newspaper in the UK as well as being self employed successfully.

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