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Make those decisions. New year new start. Get rid of all of the negative people adn things hanging on to you.

Try to make sure that you do things as amicably as possible and do not let others interfere.  Meet up with a friend for a much needed fun time.  Do you need advice?

Things are getting busy. In fact you really do need to take things more easy. Others have been a lot lazier than you. IS THIS FAIR?

Avoid any unnecessary work and friends who want favours this month.

Beware of people asking to borrow money. Say NO.  Start to be more selfish.

It is the only way to get on with problem solving.


You are unsure about things. You need to be sure that you are making the right decisions. Best to put them on hold to be sure rather than rush things.

 What are you looking forward to?  Perhaps it is improvements at work?   You need to find out how the land lies so that you can also relax and enjoy the summer. Consult this womens page next month.


Sometimes you do try too hard to please others.  Try to step back and let others be responsible for their own actions and mistakes and lead

responsible for their own lives for a change. Consult a good tarot card reader.  It will teach them more than helping them ever can.  You need to take control and begin problem solving.




The good times are just around the corner and you well deserve them.  If anyone tries to ruffle your feathers walk away. Use the

free problem page on this site is of great help to you right now. If anyone tries to ruffle your feathers walk away. This is not a time to make do or put up with crap. If someone tries to treat you badly walk away or spit in their eye.


We all need advice at some time or another, and at other times we look for support. Even intelligent and capable Virgos need support.  There is nothing

embarrassing or shameful about it.  Ask whoever you need to to support you now.  They will think more of you and it will get you through that time.


You are kind, caring and intelligent.  Are others as considerate towards you as you are to them?   Try to be fair without bending over backwards for others. This is  

where people take advantage of you.  One person in particular is pushing their luck and relying on your kindness more than they are entitled to. Do you need an agony aunt for advice? Would the problem page be a good idea?


Take stock of what you want out of life.  Consult a good medium.  Analyse what makes you tick and what will make you happier, then see how you can get it.  It is not as difficult as it sounds,

it can be done and dusted by the end of the month, and it will make you so much more fulfilled, positive and happy. Check out this womans page soon for more free clairvoyant readings.


You have been hurt and let down far too many times. Because you are a nice and sensitive person it is easy to hurt you.  Unfortunately there are people in this World who

are not as nice as you.  Perhaps they are jealous and wish they were more like you?  But do not let them make you feel uncomfortable, they are the ones who should change, you are find as you are.


You are rushing about with all sorts of things.  You need to slow down and take stock of the situation rather than rushing around like a headless chicken.

Remember the story of the hare and the tortoise?  The tortoise was slow and thoughtful but he got there first.  Who was the wisest? The tortoise or the hare?

That is no way to get on with problem solving.



Money is tight and you need to think of ways to bring in more money and save money. Sounds tough but it need not be that awful and it will not last that long.

There is a treat in store for you soon so look forward to it and enjoy. Someone you have not seen for a long time is thinking of you and wants to speak to you.  Concentrate on work and business more for now. Get another free clairvoyant reading next month.

Concern about a money issue can spoil an eventful and funfilled time, but all will be well and things will improve.  The power of prayer can be a huge blessing and


do far more good than most other things at the moment.  Positive thinking is also very important right now.  You do not need to spend money on a professional agony aunt, the answer is simple. take one day at a time and see the glass as  half full not half empty. Consult a good psychic.

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