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TIMOTHY wisely chose to pay to consult Charlotte privately herself on this problem and received a personal reply from her but he would like any input others here can give, he understands it will be from amateurs.  For a private consultation with Charlotte  Go to here.


Timothy's problem....


Hi Charlotte, my friend consulted you a while ago about her boyfriend and said she thinks you are wonderful, now it is my turn.


I would love to be a writer but my spelling and grammer are not good. My friend says I should forget it and go do somthing else. But I have my heart set on this and I know this is me really and want to do it too.How can I show publishers and agents that they should pay me to write so that it is my new thing and I can stop working in the chicken farm?My mom sais that I should stick to chickens and do things that are

easy but writing is easy.






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