Prevent falling in love.  You will probably ask me why it matters and why one should bother to do this.  I have  had men crying and weeping over their partners and women wailing and weeping over their exs and they all wish they had never fallen for them.  Either they would have avoided them altogether or they would have been with them without being smitten with them. Speak to a qualified advisor now.


The advantages to this are tremendous because then you can decide what is best for you whenever a decision needs to be made.  Think of the amount of times that someone smitten agrees with their partner just to please them even if it is in their own worst interests.  You get girls who are smitten with married guys who say yes they will put up with being kept in secret and hidden away and not seeing him for weeks while he is with his wife and children because they are smitten.  You get guys putting up with a woman who is flirting a lot and who makes it clear she is gorgeous and winds him up something rotten with the fact that other guys agree with her and want  her. When you are smitten with someone they take advantage of it and they can use it against you. They either get away with hurting you and being forgiven or you stay and try to turn a blind eye to it or there is them having the life you want while you do not get the life you want or deserve.


Supposing you and your partner are faced with the choice of whether or not to move a long way away and you are so smitten you say yes just because you are scared to upset them or lose them. Yet at the same time it means you move away from your friends and family.  Someone who is not smitten can think straight and make better decisions and they get less hurt when things do not go their way.  A smitten person can turn into a doormat and can be so keen on the other one that they end up never being happy because their whole existence is trying to please the other.  You may think this is fine but you can then lose your own identity and become what the other person wants you to be instead of being yourself and unless they feel the same way about you they always get what they want and you always lose.


Any relationship where both are smitten is wonderful and is the best there can be but when it is unbalanced and one does all of the loving and the other receives all of the loving then that is where that person ends up very miserable and feeling trapped.  I often speak to clients who are in this position and they become quite helpflerss.  They like to believe that the person who receives all of this unconditional attention is worth it and will change and feel the same way but they have no need to, they get what they want as it is.


Anyone who has been keen on a cheat and been torn in shreds emotionally over them whilst also feeling worthless knows what I mean.  IF the object of their affection had any regard for them at all they would not treat them that way. Hence it is better to stop that feeling in the first place.   Our new bulletin boards here   -   and our   no charge  comfort  / help


Prevent falling in love.














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