Married men who cheat..   If you ask most women what the worst thing can possibly be they will say it is to find out that their spouse or partner has lied to them and hurt them by going with someone else.  If they find out that the man actually has feelings for the other woman then it is even worse.  Yet somehow if he pleads and promises that it was only sex that is just as bad as it makes it all seem very casual and unimportant when it is anything but. We are going to look at why it happens as well as how the woman should react and respond to it. For your own problems you can trust Charlotte now.          


There is a lot of truth in the myth about the seven  year itch.  It may vary from couple to couple but most of them get into a sort of a rut where they start to become predictable with each other,  take each other for granted and stop having excitement together.  The man might find another avenue for his pleasure which may be something as simple as going to a bar for a drink with his mates or playing golf, the woman might meet her female friends for a coffee and a chat, but somehow they are no longer lovers or romantic or sexy together and that is where the problem starts.  In really bad cases the woman might even be out a lot, hardly speaking to him and slopping around in old dirty tatty baggy clothes, no make up, curlers in  her hair, a face pack on when he comes in and waxing her legs while he sits there!    If the man is young you cannot blame him for wanting things to be different and still feeling bloody coursing through his veins and giving him a hard on when he sees a younger, more attractive or more sexy woman on the television, in a magazine or walking down the street. 


If the couple have children then the man usually decides to stay at home so that he can see them a lot but he loses interest in his partner and pursues another or other women as though he is single in every other way. It is not uncommon for a guy to be sitting on his computer going into chat rooms and dating services nagging other women to meet him while his wife is sitting in the same room as him changing the baby's nappy.  He is craving excitement and he desperately wants someone to want him, not his pay packet or him doing chores around the home.  Of course,  there is a lot of flawed thinking in this because if the other women knew that he is married with a baby they would probably not be interested in him. 


Some of these guys just dream about getting the chance to stray, others make a big effort to find someone and others just take an opportunity if someone comes along such as a new neighbour who they fancy the looks of and hope that works out.They rarely think about being caught or what will happen to their marriage if they are.


Very often when their woman finds out they  have definitely strayed they tend to try to find a way to get angry and blame other people.  Instead of seeing that their guy does not love them and has lied to them and has often preferred to be with another or others they try to blame the others.  IF the guy has one regular girl he dates and meets up with they try to find a way to see it as all being HER fault.  As if the man is a belonging and has no thoughts of his own and was hypnotised into it.   Then they chastise him and make him promise not to do it again, like a naughty child, instead of looking at the facts such as he does not love them, he does not respect them, he will do it again given half a chance, his promises mean nothing, he had promised to be faithful to her when they got married.  It is more sensible to look at why it happened, whether or not this person is actually worth being with and how their mind works.


Big mistake one usually made - thinking that you own your partner and somehow because they pledged to be with you, perhaps decades ago, they must always behave as though keeping that promise is very important - even if they are unhappy, bored or wanting other things. It is not realistic to assume that someone will keep a promise to you simply because they made it and it suits you.   I have known of cases where a guy has settled down with someone and then the woman has become boring, no sex, no romance, no love, and she still expects him to be a good partner.  Yet in many ways she is a bad wife who has become lazy about pleasing her guy  but  believes that even if she does not do anything to satisfy him  he still has to stick with it and do what she wants.    You can always consult a professional advisor    or visit our discussion board


Married men who cheat.










Married Men

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