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person writing to you for guidance and help should do.  When enough people have voted and used the poll to decide you will see the next chapter in the story, depending on what was decided.  This page is constantly updated with new problems and new chapters of the story, decided by you, so come back soon! FULL SIGNED UP MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE THE CONCLUSION TO THIS CHAPTER AND THE BEGINNING OF THE NEXT BY EMAIL.  This is

just a bit of fun for those who like the idea of being an advisor or into fun and games.  The people you are "advising" through this love advice column below do not really exist - and we would never ever advise anyone to ask for guidance from unproven amateurs if they did!

I am a woman of 22 and my husband is 21. I love him but he kept talking about another woman. On your advice I left him. I now live on my own in a small flat.  He keeps phoning me accusing me of sleeping with other men and nagging me to go back to him saying  he will forgive me if I go back, but I have not been with any other man! Please give me guidance ask agonyaunts online.


My options are


1. Stay where I am and write him off.


2.  Go out with him giving it another try, after all he is my husband,  and see if he changes.


3.  Tell  him that he must prove he has changed before I will see him again.


4.  Go back to him because we are married, after all nobody is perfect.




My mother's boyfriend tells me that he loves me.  I am 20, he is 45. They have been living together for a year.  I work in a  bar and he is  unemployed. There is no one else I can talk to. I took your advice and tried to see my mum. She still refuses to talk to me calling me a slapper even though I cannot stand him and am not promiscuous or sneaky..

please give me guidance ask agony aunts online.


My options are


1.  Try hard to see my brother somehow. Try again if this fails, he is important and I must not lose him.


2.   Keep trying to see my mother.


3.   Tell distant family and neighbours it is not my fault so they do not blame me.


4.   Concentrate on work and hobbies for now instead of family hoping they come round later.

Hi love advice column . I am 28 and male. At the moment I work in a shop and want to buy my own shop. You advised me to keep looking for a suitable job so I did. There is nothing suitable in this area. Please give me guidance.


My options are


1.  Be patient and wait till something suitable comes along.


2.  Become more flexible in what I am looking for and maybe buy a different type of business instead.


3.  Move to another area where there are a lot more shops. But that will mean using up all of my savings and getting into debt.


4. Forget the whole idea and be content with life as it is instead.






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