Long Distance Relationships, LDRs, work. Are you dating someone who lives a long way away?  Are you married to someone a long way away?  Or are you thinking of dating someone a long way away?  Is it because of their job or family situation or because of your own circumstances? Do you think the distance will help, make it more difficult or spoil it for you? This advice column page is dedicated to this subject.  But please feel free to flick through the other articles on the many other subjects covered too.


Relationships can be difficult enough but these are even harder.  There are times when you worry, times when you feel insecure, times when you lose confidence and wonder if it is all worth the bother. But at least you can now come to this forum and read tips, advice,  views and news from others,  chat to them and make friends.  Charlotte Craig, the best free agony aunt online. Anyone who has a problem can put whatever they want about it, either just letting off steam, simply telling us how it is or asking for opinions . Long distance love has more complications than other relationships. They can work and they often do. Whenever I  have had someone telling me their relationship went wrong and they blame the distance they are wrong. Just as others try to blame an age gap or other excuse.   The truth is that none of these things matter if you are compatible, you love each other, you want the same things and you love each other.  The failings come from these boxes not all being ticked.  But as is usual people do not want to face the truth and prefer to blame other things.  With the right attitude and the right two people getting into the situation and being honest with each other this can work brilliantly and the distance can actually help.

















Long Distance Relationships Work


Go for it!  If you find someone you really click with and you really want to spend time with them then one day with them when you both can is far better than lots of days with someone who is not right for you. You can still see your friends and family, go to work, have your hobbies and have a full life! Work at things and have the right attitude with this and it can turn into something very special and maybe you will find this is the love of your life and your soul mate too. 


The reason a lot of these do not work out is because one or both of them really wants it to be more full time and/or they get worried that the other one is losing interest or playing away or neglecting them.  Most people who have a busy and interesting life and who are feeling good about themselves would find it easy and enjoy it. Do make sure it is for you before you get into one as it is very hard to try to work it all out after, especially if you are often apart. It is also very difficult to end it once you have become involved.


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Long distance relationships, LDRs, work.