Keep a guy interested by a leading relationship expert and agony aunt I can tell you that finding a one is the easy bit, knowing how to keep him wanting to be with you and not stray or dump you is the hard bit.  Many women become quite lazy once they have their partner hooked and stop bothering with their hair, clothes, make up, sexy clothes for bedtime and romance. Because males are less communicative with words than us they tend to communicate more physically and sex, touching, holding hands and all that goes with it is even more important to them then.  Most need ego boosts and need to be reminded they are loved even if the sex is not the be all and end all of their lives.


I and my experts get lots of mail from clients asking for our support and help with finding and keeping a man. You can  use this womens page site free, there are hundreds of problem page letters and they are written by qualified experts, or consult one of ur for a 1 2 1.    Hows about the  special bulletin boards?


A lady who consulted me recently told me that she was very upset because her chap had left her.  She acted as though she was the poor victim, the injured party, yet when she started to tell me what happened she was talking about cooking him meals and letting him watch football.  She cleaned the apartment and she tidied up full stop.  There was no friendship, love or romance, she may as well have been a cleaner who came in and worked for a few hours!  The relationship was more like brother and sister without the chatting.  But really, seeing as she did not give him any sex or romance and they were not married she had a cheek to complain when he found a lover of some sort. She was a dog in a manger.  She did not love him or fancy him she just wanted to own him.


Years ago ladies used to be exciting lovers and then get married and then become a lazy wife and complacent about pleasing their husband, but in those days divorce was frowned on and the male was really stuck in an unhappy and boring situation once he had wed.  Now a lot less get married or those that do get a divorce so  people have to try harder to keep their partner with them because the partner can just walk away, either getting a divorce, moving out or not wanting to see you anymore.  This is why so many marriages are now ending in divorce. Where people used to be unhappy but have to stay now when they are unhappy they can do what they want and go.


Ways to keep a male interested means you remember that love, romance and sex are vital to him, not tasty bonuses or treats you give him now and then.  Males are also visual creatures who care more about what things look like, so if you sit around sloppy and wearing baggy clothes or with a face pack and curlers in your hair that will also mean that they lose interest.  Allowing a man to be himself, coming and going when  he wants is also very important.   Do not imprison your chap and expect him to sit there with a long face all evening, let him do what he wants but be the very best friend and lover he could hope for so that he prefers to be at home with you. The worst thing you can do with a man is to criticise him, especially when it is in front of other people.  Telling him him he is lousy at sex or stupid are fatal and you can never unsay such things.  A man's ego is very fragile and if he thinks you do not really appreciate how fantastic at sex and intelligent he is he will be searching for someone who does.  The wisest women praise their man regularly even if they do not really believe a word of what they say.    Why not?  A few words of praise goes a long way and costs you nothing and you can call it your good deed for the day.  It will work wonders for your relationship and he will love you more and more.


Keep a guy interested.



























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