Jealousy in Relationships

Jealousy in relationships.  This is the worst type of jealousy.  As everyone knows people can get funny if they would like to have your lifestyle, car, home, money, job or partner but to get jealous within a marriage or friendship is far worse.   Wishing that you have what others own is envy, but when one worries that their partner is not faithful or will leave this eats away at you and it can destroy the whole relationship too.  But it can be fixed and overcome and you can learn how to cope with it  or are you already coping with it?


During my many years of a relationship expert and agony aunty I often spoke to female clients who were scared that their man would leave or cheat, but most of this was due to their own lack of self worth.My agony auntys get letters and emails from clients each day about this. Use these free advice pages or contact us for a private 1 2 1 about any situation.  The problem gets worse when their behaviour towards the man - whether he is innocent or guilty - shows the man that they have a very low opinion of themselves AND gets him to be so fed up with the way they are that he becomes interested in another woman out of boredom or being fed up with being nagged, questioned, moaned at, harrassed or imprisoned.


What we believe is the truth to us so if a man or a woman gets it into their head that their partner does not love them and is cheating or wants to cheat it is very hard to shift such ideas, even if they are totally untrue. But it can become a self fulfilling prophecy because a man or woman who is bored with their partner or who knows their partner does not trust them is far more likely to cheat or go than one who is treated well and feels they are loved and appreciated.  Of course, the other thing that the nagging partner forgets  is that the more they go on or show they lack confidence in themselves and their ability to keep their partner,  the more their partner starts to agree with them.  People tend to think of us and see us as we see ourselves. If we exude confidence people feel at ease with us.  If we come across as quiet and unassuming, even if there is a tiger in us waiting to escape, people pick this up and it changes how good or bad they feel with us.  We love to be around people who are confident so anyone who gives out an air of lacking confidence puts people off of wanting to be with them.






If you suspect your partner is not as keen as they used to be or you are sure that they are losing interest or have found someone else to see it is far better to be nice to them than to be horrible to them.  By being horrible to them all you are doing is making them feel less happy with you and longing to be elsewhere even quicker.  Then when they can escape or get to be elsewhere they feel less guilty too and less in a rush to return to you.


Nobody goes out for a hamburger if they have steak at home.  Be your partner's steak!  Be the juiciest, most delicious, top quality steak there is and your partner will never yearn for or bother with mere hamburgers. Why would any sensible person bother to sneak around and tell lies to be somewhere inferior to where they could have been with ease? Speak to Charlotte now. 

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Jealousy in relationships.