Is Living Together a Good Idea?

Is living together a good idea? My boyfriend Lee has been my partner for nearly two years. He is a lovely man, he cares, he does his best, he makes a fuss of me and tries hard to make things special between us. He is a loving and unselfish man. It made a nice change to meet a man who was not obsessed with sex or lying or cheating or wanting something casual and we got on very well too but does this mean that we should end up living together, is it a good idea? I will ask a good advice columnist for free online.


We found we had a lot in common, we found that life could be good. We went out together a lot both as friends and partners, he would take me to lovely restaurants for posh meals and not begrudge a penny of it and despite being a man not expect sex after, he enjoyed my company and loved being with me just to be with me not for sex, and this made a big impression on me after I had had my stepfather trying to jump into bed with me all of the time and putting me off of men. Seeing him is a good idea but is living together with him?  What would an advice columnist say? I took the plunge and went online to ask one for free, then I decided to consult one properly and chose Charlotte Craig. There are lots of free ones online but she is the only proper professional.


I have lived on my own for a long time and quite like it, it is great to get up when you want do what you want when you want, eat what you want when you want and so on. But it is also nice to have someone you spend a lot of time with who cares about you.  Until I realised that Lee was coming around so much he had virtually moved in. And he was struggling to find time to be at my place a lot plus also take care of his own place.  He was also paying out for the upkeep of his own place when he was hardly there, which was in a way a waste of money.  He then talked about selling his place and getting a much smaller place because that would cut down on the time and cost of running his place and make it possible for him to work less, he was getting tired of working long hours and getting quite worn out by the weekend.  Of course being on your own has advantages but are they worth holding out for? What would an advice columnist say? I will ask and see, I had a look at the free online  articles so now I will consult an agony aunt.


So I had a rethink of how I felt about the whole scenario and asked him if he would like to move in, I liked the idea of living together.  I have a huge house with lots of lounges and bedrooms and three bathrooms, plenty of room, lots of scope to live with without being on top of each other (excuse the pun)  and it would help me too as I was struggling to pay the bills on my home.  If he is going to come around a lot he might as well contribute to the running of this household as just visit and take care of somewhere else.


Many of you reading this might say it would be better to find another man to live with. WRONG. I have met many men who would have liked to live with me, none of them as kind or fair as this man, and all of them with no money at all, they woud all have expected me to pay for everything while they just sit around doing nothing. As though I am happy to be bored to death by a lazy stupid man who has not amounted to anything and want to be his sugar mummy.  Some of them were ancient too.  Do not say that I could find a man who has money who can pay his way.  It is no good telling me to find someone  who is richer and able to pay their way,  there are no men around here like that. I have about five million dollars worth of assets and money and I know there are no men around here within a few hundred miles who can match me who are single and nice - anyway I do not need advice, I would ask an agony aunt or advice columnist if I needed that, a proper professional,  I did not get to be this rich by being dumb or naive. Only a certain type of man appeals to me for a relationship or living together and this is that type of man.


We will discuss it again tomorrow and see where we go from there.  It might turn out that he thinks it is best to have his own place, that is fair enough, but it is worth examining this alternative.


I have thought of letting someone live here before but could never find anyone who could pay their way!  I always met people who were penniless but loved the idea of sharing a huge expensive house with me. It would have meant me paying for everything and keeping them!     But this would be different, he has some money to contribute, he would not just be taking from me,  and he is quick to decorate and repair things and do the garden.


If you find someone you get on well with try to think outside the box, things do not have to be all black and white. I would be stupid to marry this guy as he would straight away own half of my large expensive house, the house I worked very hard for, but to let him be here more and contribute is very much the same as it is now without him contributing now. Is living together a good idea?  Ask advice columnist free online. Return to first page.



























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