In Love with a Married Man

In love with a married man.  I often wonder how come I have had so many married men trying it on with me.  They knew I worked as a full-time professional, qualified, reputable agony aunt giving advice to people about their lives, so it does not make sense to me that they thought I would be silly enough to bother with a fling with a married guy!  Either they thought they were so special and so attractive they were the exception that proved the rule, or they did not think full stop.  Mind you, some single men can ask you for all sorts of relationships that are very one sided and self serving, totally unfair on the woman, and somehow believe that because they are single that makes it alright. A single man who does not respect you or care about you or who is not compatible with you is as useful as a chocolate kettle.  Consult Charlotte Craig personally now.


 If you are on here and chatting in a chatroom or you go onto a dating forum or site and he approaches you and tries to chat you up to meet you then he is a player, he is on here chatting and looking regularly and he has tried it on with lots of other women before you.  He may tell you that he only wants a chat and he is shy to get you to be less suspicious about him  and more interested, but he is simply looking to meet a woman and you will do.  Many of these men have admitted to me they regularly pay prostitutes for sex and the reason they look online for meets is because it dents their ego to pay and they hate having to spend money on it.


They may tell you that they and their wife do not talk or that they never have sex  are only staying for the sake of the children,  but that is their problem.  Because it is the woman who would end up waiting for calls and meets.  One reason that the guy tries to get it together with a married woman - he assumes then that he is guaranteed discretion and that she is as desperate for the whole situation as he is and will not start nagging him to leave his wife or moan when he is not there at Christmas! 


To be a single woman who is very keen on one is full of worry and despair because he seems to be in the driving seat. He will decide when he rings. If he does not fancy bothering for a while he can use the excuse that he could not get out.  For all you know he preferred to spend the evening on his computer looking for someone more exciting, curvier, younger or whatever.  He will be upset if you go out with anyone else but for all you know he is doing this himself.  If you do fall for him then make sure you stay in control. Do not let him dictate how often you get together or that you do not see others. Do not forget about finding a proper full time relationship and do not assume he is telling the truth when you discuss things with him.  With a lot of them they  just tell you what you want to hear so that they can have an affair with you and enjoy the advantages of spending time with you (for those who are a bit slow on the uptake that means sex usually, but I have also known of them wanting to get to see someone just to escape a nagging partner or because the other woman has a very nice house they like to enjoy being in).  If you are just seeking a one night stand, a thrill for a short time or you  have some other ulterior motive for bothering with such a guy then fair enough but if it is love and time and attention you are after you will always do bette with someone who is single.   If the guys is unhappy and says he will leave her he usually changes his mind or finds he feels as if he cannot go through with it and this could be for all different reasons. If you have a good income and like to live alone fair enough but if you are looking to have children and live with then this is not for you.   More words of wisdom     and       community  message board. 






In love with a married man by Charlotte Craig