Illicit Encounter

Illicit Encounter. Just one of many articles placed by our site.  But for those who want a private consultation just click. While fantasizing about being with somebody other than your partner does not mean, individuals can act upon it, it nevertheless sets the stage for an affair  if the chance arise. Some have long-term affairs with the identical person, others have affairs with several partners, and some could cheat just once. Sadly, the commandment, Thou shall not commit adultery has been twisted into Thou shall not admit adultery. There are people who never cheat however keep the fantasy alive. Nearly fifty % of married individuals have affairs. Slightly over 70% are dissatisfied with their sex life, and 85% would like a lot more romance or an affair. So much a lot of married people dream thoughts of being with someone else, and some even believe this to be normal. Others think that being dissatisfied in their relationships may be a sufficient reason to cheat. While dissatisfying sex lives seem to be a main reason for affairs among couples, the underlying cause is principally friction and conflict in other areas.  Lack of communication is the main problem.  When a couple are totally in tune in that way and can talk about everything and anything knowing that the other person will really listen a nd take what they say onboard, and act upon it, and care about it, with no secrets, then there should be no need to turn elsewhere.   Use our romance forum.


The idea of being unfaithful is morally irresponsible and never a resolution to relationship problems. Whether the illicit affair is found out or not it can only make things more complicated and create worse problems.   During my years as a leading agony aunt I have often seen cases of a person not communicating with their partner,  then getting bored with that relationship, then having one night stands, flings or affairs elsewhere,  yet those affairs go wrong too because once again they do not communicate with their partners.  Many relationship consultants argue that relationships will be mended and even improved after an affair. But, the pain and distrust can never be erased. Usually, when one of a couple forgives an affair and stays with their partner it is for reasons that have very very little to try and do with love, and in the end they split anyway or practical, religious and other reasons hold then together. Still, it's a private selection whether to forgive an affair or to finish the relationship. An encounter does not have to lead to sex and it is usually best it does not.





If a woman is unhappy at home or dissatisfied with her sex life, or just bored, she can easily find men who are happy to oblige and give her casual sex.  But for a man it is different as when he asks women to sleep with him and they know he is married they will be thinking to themselves "no thanks, I do not want to end up being a mistress" and anyway, even a married woman can easily get a single man who is available more and more flexible about when he is available. If you are unhappy at home please think carefully before entering into anything secret, even just a one off, it totally changes  and damages the relationship you already have and this is the relationship you should be working on improving.  Yes there are exceptions to this rule, perhaps your partner is in prison and you cannot see them at all, then it is understandable that with what they have done and it not being possible to be with them you need to find a way to cope and having an affair might help. Most still regret it later.


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Illicit Encounter.