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 Most women can easily get a man but finding one that is good and actually worth the bother is quite another thing.  Then there is the fact that the sort of man that suits one woman might not suit another even though he is decent and genuine.  Since I have been single I have often come across single men who have no other romance in their life and no children and like to assume that simply because they are single and would not be cheating that must mean I must want them..... and the facts that we have nothing in common or that they are unemployed and unemployable, boring, selfish, violent, have a history of drinking or takings drugs, have a personality disorder or are very needy do not matter!  Yes, being totally single is a must, but that does not mean that nothing else matters and that makes up for everything being missing.  Even when the two people have a great deal in common it is hard to make the relationship last so why bother to try when you have nothing in common and the other person is not your type?  It would either go wrong or be full of compromises and disappointments.


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To meet a GOOD guy you need a check list of the five most important qualities or attributes you are seeking in a man. That might mean looks,  youth, fitness and health, decent job and car.  Remember that the more YOU have to offer the more you can expect in return but it would be a bit silly to insist he has a good job if you are unemployed, silly and unfair.  If you really do have a lot to offer then you can make your list longer to match what you offer. But if you are old, poor and ordinary do not say he must be handsome, rich and special, it will never happen.  Now ask yourself where you will find such a guy.  If you want a guy who is very fit and active he will not be sitting in the library reading books all day. 



How to Meet Guys

Somtimes it is as simple as being in the right place at the right time.  you may be giving up hope on finding Mr Right or someone to have fun with and then you get invited to a party or a friend intrudes you to her brother and it is all sorted.  Never give up hope.  You only need to find one good one.  Far better than finding lots that are ordinary, nasty, selfish or not compatible with you.


And the chemistry has to be right. You cannot work out chemistry by looking at photos of them or what colour their hair is - either it is there or it is not.  Sometimes the ugliest of people is the one you click with and want to be with.  


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Your friends may already have someone but that does not mean they are happier than you, they may be bored to tears with their man or with him for all of the wrong reasons, So there is more to finding someone than simply ending being alone.  How to meet guys.