How to Get

Great Sex

How to get great sex. Whether we are young or old, male or female, rich or poor, we know that sex is very important to most people and it is unusual that we do not want to have a good sex life ourselves. Very few people actually manage to have a good sex life because they are in a boring relationship where their partner does not really fancy them,  or they are unable to get a good partner.   Hence there are brothels, massage parlours and sex chat lines,  for men who are unable to get the "real thing"  and vibrators for women.  Men usually have trouble getting  sex because they do not understand females.


Having the right partner not only gives us great love making but it also improves our health. We are healthier, fitter, we are more energised because we feel wanted and loved.  It gives us a reason to make sure we look our best and wear sexy clothes.  It is not just about the love making itself it is how it makes us feel when we remember it and look forward to it. One myth that some like to believe is that their partner is unable to  perform with them because they have health problems, are too tired or too old. But none of these things should get in the way. A tired person can do it gently and even a female who has problems "down there" can use her hands or mouth instead.   If a male is stimulated by his partner he can perform even if he is very old.  Although it can lose it's excitement having the same partner for a long time in a relationship means you get to know them and how to pleasure them and how to get them to pleasure you.  Whereas if you keep switching and starting again and having lots of relationships you never get to find out how each other ticks.


We burn an average of 300 calories an hour when we are  making love or doing housework or similar chores.  If we want to lose weight fun in the bedroom is a great way to do it.  It is far more enjoyable than housework!


We all get turned on by different things, so finding the right sex partner is not just about looks, looks are great but it is also about having the same bedroom tastes.   We need to know how to find the right partner first.  If the man is very keen on bondage and loves to tie the woman up then he has to have a woman who likes to be tied up!     Matching the two right people together is essential.  This is why I believe that even those who are quite prudish and conservative should have a proper love life before they settle down so that they can work out who is suitable to them and who is not and at least try out anyone they are thinking of getting into a proper relationship with before they agree.This is one reason why it is a great idea to make love, love and have fun with a potential spouse BEFORE you marry them or at least make sure you   have thoroughly discussed with them what your tastes are to make sure you are compatible,  rather than get married and then find out you are not suited to each other after.  


I have spoken to some very respectable, old fashioned people who would not marry someone they have not slept with purely because although they hate casual sex they are worried they will get married and then find their partner is not compatible with them sexually and then be stuck with a  bad bed partner for life.  They are totally monogamous and not at all sleazy but they still think it is vital to ensure that the person they will be doing these things with for the rest of their life pleasures them properly and that makes a lot of sense.  Because they do not believe in rushing into things and then regretting them and would also not rush to leave or divorce a bad partner, some do not believe in divorce. Years ago many would not sample each other until the wedding night and then find out that they were not suited.   My advice is to be very cautious then.  I would also be very wary of anyone who claims they are very much in love with me but who prefers to wait for months and months to physically show me, this is not love.


How to get great sex.



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