How to find your soul mate. Most of us love the idea of finding that special person.  The one person who really understands us and cares about us first and foremost,  who loves to be with us,  who not only fancies us and wants sex with us or wants to spend some time with us but wants to share the whole of their life with  us,  living with us and maybe having children with us. The person who we agree with most of the time, where we are compatible with them and share common goals with them. They value us,  they do not just want to see us now and then or only have us for a sexual relationship.  They care about us where they want what is best for us and makes us happy.  Your special person is the only one that can make your heart skip a beat for when you just see them, hear their voice or know they are on their way.  They are the one person you feel totally in tune with. A soul mate is the one person you feel you can completely relax with. A soul mate is the one person you feel happy with. A soul mate is someone you can talk to about anything and everything with no secrets. A soul mate is someone you can rely on and trust. A soul mate can make you laugh and support you when sad.  A soul mate is very many different things.  Most of all a soul mate is totally in tune with you. Who is yours and why have you not found them yet?


One of the good things about being single is that you are always able to look forward to possibly finding your  special one.  Married people may seem to be happy but that is not necessarily the case.  They may be very unhappy or bored and just making do with what they have and staying for the sake of the children or finances.   Then because they are married it is harder or impossible for them to find someone else and get into a relationship with them.  If you meet a married person and they tell you they are bored or miserable but want to see you too - in secret - it is not very nice. Far better to meet a single person and be with someone who is not hiding you away.  A  special partner would care about you too much to see you hurt or do anything to hurt you. As a single person you are able to meet and get involved with someone and you have a lot more to offer them.  Then when you meet your soul mate you are able to get together properly with them.


Finding the perfect one is something that most of us dream of and it rarely happens.  They make films about couples who meet, there are famous stories about them. Romeo and Juliet, Pretty Woman is a very popular film BECAUSE it is about a man falling in love with her and she with him. But the reason it was so popular was because they both had totally different backgrounds and yet it still worked.   The fact that they make films about such things proves they rarely happen. If you are single and you want to meet your soulmate you need to go to the right places.  Do not go to noisy crowded clubs if you are a quiet person and want a quiet soul mate.  Quiet studious types are far more likely to fall for someone they meet in a library. Have you already found your soul mate?   If so are you still together?  Do you live together?  Are you married?  Do you still love them and still think of them that way?   Or do you now think that you made a mistake?  Are you strong and able to turn off your feelings for them?  Are you addicted to them where you cannot stay away even though you know you should? It can be done and if you know you should and  you do not it just prolongs the agony until you eventually do.


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How to find your soul mate.






How to Find Your Soul Mate