How to Attract Men

How to attract men.  Authored by life coach and agony aunt Charlotte Craig.





There are two ways you can get guys.  One is to go online and go into chat rooms and sign onto dating agencies.  If you play the numbers game then the more you sign onto the more response you will get.  Do be careful how you work your profiles and which photos you use.  If you make it sound too sexy or put very provocative or revealing photos on there then you will only get sleazeballs and sex starved idiots contacting you.  It is better to put a fair bit of information about you which includes your background, any hopes you have for the future, hobbies and interests and a little about you as a person in your own right.If you have time and are not too shy you might also want to go to parties, clubs, evening classes and similar places but if you do pick the places carefully.  If you want a guy who is fit, healthy, active and goes out a lot you are far more likely to find him in a gym or at a sports venue than in a library. I often get mails from clients who complain that they met a guy and then found out he drinks far too much.  Yet it turns out they met him at a bar and most men who go to bars a lot are heavy drinkers.


As to how you actually woo them.  Just be yourself.  Be good company.  Be interested in what they say be contribute to the conversation yourself too.   Do not hang on their every word as if they are a God.  Do not make yourseslf very available or make it very clear that you like them a lot. Do not tell them all about your ex and how horrible he was. That is private for now and it makes you sound bitter and a poor judge of character that you got together with  him in the first place.  Do not give him sex quickly or go him with him straight away on the first meet, make him work for it and wait for it so that he does not think you are a slut or a doormat. Do not tell him that you think he is sexy or wonderful or that you love him quickly.  Make sure there is a solid relationship and that he feels the same first.  And make sure he really is a grown up and not a silly little boy.  Find, woo and win your lover. Only be quick to have sex with a lad if you do not care what he thinks of you and do not care whether or not you see him again.

You are a vibrant and wonderful woman so do not make do with silly little boys who are wet behind the ears and masquerading as grown men.  Before you go out with a guy make sure he is your type. Do not rush into wasting time on a guy and meeting up with him.  Get to know him first. You can do with emails, texts and phone calls. Be suspicious of any guy who is only interested in what you look like,  you being young and seeing you on skype or msn. And making him wait makes him more keen and shows him that you have a busy life and are discerning.  Do not make this all about you having to do all of the right things to please them.  Make sure that they also do the right things to attract and please you.    Many of the women I have counselled and guided over the years have made this fatal mistake of throwing themselvs at any lad who comes along and then tying themselves up with him even if he has lots of faults and they have nothing at all in common.  Then they come to me moaning about how he is not making them happy and wanting him to change when it is clear for everyone else to see that he is simply a very unsuitable choice.  Unsuitable is unsuitable - you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.


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How to attract men.