How to attract a man -  An article by relationship expert and agony aunt Charlotte Craig.



They  used to say that the way to a man's heart was through his stomach. Quite funny really as most women now, especially the young ones, cannot cook at all. They can barely boil an egg and just stick a ready made dinner in the microwave.  Fifty years ago women would bake cakes, knit and make clothes, things have changed. Just as well then that it was not true. Let me tell you the way to get and keep a man once you know the man you want....


1.  Looking good!  No matter how wonderful and sexy you are he does not know that if he cannot see it.  Men go by looks more than anything.  Sadly many men would rather be with a beautiful and attractive but stupid woman than a woman who is intelligent, well read, nice, kind, honest but ugly.   Most men's idea of good looks is you looking like a girl and not like a man. 90% of men prefer long hair. 75% of men prefer large breasts. 70% prefer a small waist and slim figure.  Just as most prefer you to do your nails nice, wear some jewellery, wear some make up and not to wear glasses.  The more feminine you look the better as far as most are concerned.


2. Make him the most important person in your life.  Make him feel very special.  But balance this with you being yourself and treating yourself as being special too. So when you are with him you make a fuss of him and you are good company but you do not sit around waiting for him to turn up and cancel other things when it suits him.  He has to see how wonderful YOU are without it all being too easy for him and you becoming a doormat. Keep him on his toes and make sure that  he never takes you for granted.Then he realises that you are worth making an effort for. Do not make him any promises or commitments until he has definitely made  them to you.  It might sound very rosy and lovely to tell him that you worship him and will love him forever but if he senses you really mean it you are then giving him permission to do as he pleases with you.  If he is the sort of guy he continually tells you he loves you just smile, do not automatically say that you feel the same.  Keep him on his toes. Do not tell him you love him until he has said those things to you and even then only say it sometimes..  Otherwise he may wish to spend time with you but he will want it all easy and on his terms and he will get all the pleasure and you will get all of the worries and heartaches. You can get, woo and win the person you want.  


3.  Never criticise him. Even if what you say is totally true and there is no doubt about it. The ego they have is quite large and they hate to think they have faults or that you realise them. With a lot of the others they are looking to find a guy and change him. You must show him that you want  him just as he is - warts and all.  Mind you there are also lads out there who want to find you and change you too - it is up to you if you are willing to go along with this.  I never see the point in finding someone and changing them. Why not just find someone who fits the bill or stay on your own till you do.


4.  Always be friendly and nice to be with. If you are moaning about how depressed you are, bored you are, lonely you are etc then you are not going to attract anyone to want to spend time with you.  Most guys are seeking someone who makes them feel alive and happy when they are with them.  This is more important to them than if you can cook or if you make your own clothes.


5.  Be ready to be able to offer something to this person you are enticing.  If you are merely a pretty face but also unemployed with debts and nowhere to live then do not be surprised if those who have a great job and a high income are not interested.  People tend to be attraced to those who are similar to them and who can offer them something.  Some women have this fantasy of a rich millionaire sweeping them off their feet but unless you are totally stunning and beautiful or also rich and hard working they will not be interested. Aim for someone who is similar to you and be realistic.  I recently spoke to a new client who wants to find a guy. She is 46 and living with her parents and totally penniless.  The reason she cannot get one is mostly because of this.  Potential partners are seeking someone who will enrich their lives the same as you are.  Likewise, if you are suffering from a mental health issue then you are not likely to find a person who is totally well who wants to take care of you. You are more likely to find someone else with a mental health issue where you support and help each other.


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How to attract a man.



How to Attract

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