How to Attract

a Guy

How to attract a guy.   As men are very visual then no matter what they say you must be physically appealing to the man before he will bother to get to know you.  Most of them have a type so they tend to stick to that type. In my experience when they say they do not have a type he is either not being honest, or he has not given it much thought and does not realise that he has or he cannot be fussy so makes do with what he can get and then maybe moves on if he is luckly enough to find someone better.  When you ask a man what his type is he usually talks about size, height, hair, eyes, measurements and very rarely says it is important that the woman is intelligent, witty or has a wonderful personality.


What will attract, woo and win one guy will not interest another  but most prefer long hair, not too much make up, short skirts and dresses, stockings, high heels, jewellery, low cut tops and anything else that accentuates that you are a female.  A sexy voice will work wonders once you have got the man's attention.  A woman who has a deep voice or who shouts or swears a lot will not be so popular. Doing your nails nicely helps, tattoos may work against you if they look manly.


 If a woman has recently been dumped or rejected her confidence can diminish and she might want to get validation that someone wants her which could lead to her becoming too impatient, not realistic, and trying to entice and showing interest in men who are not good enough or suitable for them.  It is better to wait for a good one than make do with a  bad one.  


One client I recently spoke to was upset because she had set her sights on a married man (bad, no, terrible idea) and he genuinely wanted to be with his wife and was not interested in her so she got it into her head that she should start phoning the man and woo him and win him,  she used to go out with that she had dumped months before, forgetting that he was not suitable, and that is why it had ended before, but she hated the idea of being single.   Before you get very keen on someone and try to impress them or attract them make sure they are worth the bother.  Lots of women chase after a man and put a lot of effort and time into being available for him or seeing him or putting up with his faults when they would be better off single until they find someone better or more suitable.  I saw a client today who is like this.  She has just found out that her husband is bisexual and having an affair with another man. and she is heartbroken yet she sees the solution to throw herself at the next man who comes along thinking this will give her back her confidence. I had to remind her that a lot of these potential lovers that she meets will just be wanting to bed her and would not care too much whether she is happy or not or whether or not she has a lot of confidence so long as she is willing but because she is so sensitive and hates being single they would take advantage while she is vulnerable.


What sort of client are you?  One who can deal with things all on their lonesome or who wants the support and help of someone with more experience and abilities than themselves?   There is no need to be ashamed if you turn to us for the help that you need, it is far more sensible than continuing to suffer or worry or put up with some sort of bad situation which makes you unhappy or simply is not in your best interests. This is the mistake that many make.  Rather than delegate their situation to someone who is more able they let things get worse and kid themselves that they kno what they are doing. Of course if they really knew what they were doing they would not have let this situation happen in the first place nor let it go on for so long.

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How to attract a guy.