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The thing about giving advice is that everyone thinks they can do it, and when they think they will get their name plastered over a newspaper, magazine or website they are even more keen. The thing which makes no sense is that when I advertised on official job sites I was inundated with people insisting they were suitable but who had no talent. You could say that if they are not bright enough to advise others they are not bright enough to realise this and need me to point it out. You could say that. Yet you could tell by the way they contacted me and the things they said that they knew they were inadequate.  How do I know this? Because they tell me that they must be hired by this site as an agony aunt cannot get a job,  they were fired from McDonalds for being inadequate and slow and turning up late all the time,  they want a job that pays a lot more than that but where they can work from home and feel important.  Not one word about being a capable person, not one word about caring for others, it is all about them. They want an easy life, and they make this clear,  but this has nothing to do with being any good at solving problems or advising people. They cannot sort out their own problems.


One of the give aways was that when you asked them what proves they are capable of helping others by being an agony aunt and/or being able to do accurate psychic email readings online they would say well my friends come to me with their problems and tell me all about it. Really? Well that is just friends chatting. Letting off steam. Wanting to fill the blanks when nothing is being said. It does not mean that they value your opinion or want to hear it. And people are always quick to ask for free opinions, that means nothing. Free opinions are worth what you pay for them. The majority of people who come to you for free agony aunt  advice are not really wanting it at all, they just want to complain and get a sympathetic ear,  they want someone to agree with them,  they do not want you to work things out for them but to listen and you will be one of a dozen people they do this with.


If the complainer tells you that her boyfriend beats her up every day she does not want you to criticise himor to tell her what to do,  deep down she knows all of this, she wants you to tut in the right places, make her feel better in the here and now. She has no intention of dumping him. She may insist that he has promised not to do it again,  or he pays the bills and she needs his money, but whatever the reason is it is up to her. She simply feels better if she lets off steam or gets sympathy about it inbetween the many bad bits! That is your role, not to sort it out for her.  And if you criticise him she will feel worse, she does not want to be reminded that she is needy and returning to a bad man, something she will do anyway. She has to tell herself that he is really a good man and he really loves her as this makes it more bearable. If you tell her that he is really a good man she will think you are terrific, because you make her feel better about the situation and herself even though you are lying. Being an agony aunt is not always about telling the truth. It can be about giving sympathy or telling lies to make someone feel better.


A good agony aunt can become self employed, some are also clairvoyants. When you ask a psychic for accurate psychic email readings online they ought to be able to work out how to go about it without advice from others. Ask a psychic,  good advice columnist  will be able to advise on all different issues not just the easy bits like relationships. A good agony aunt will be able to work out what a person is missing out in their meeting or letter not just what they say. A good agony aunt and clairvoyant offering accurate psychic email readings online  will be able to make the person feel comfortable with what they say even if it is not positive and could upset someone if not said tactfully and will be able to tailor their answer to fit the person realising that two different people would get two different answers to the same question. A good agony aunt and clairvoyant offering accurate psychic email readings online  will be thinking of the client and expect to have to prove themselves and would eagerly wish to do so because they would be worried that their advice was not good enough for the client to listen to. A good agony aunt who also offers accurate psychic email readings online would be comfortable with others but not needing to seek out people. Most of all a good advice columnist and clairvoyant offering accurate psychic email readings online has no problems. They can hardly claim to be good at solving problems if they need help with their own lives.  Anyone who claims to be able to work as an agony aunt but is not able to sort out their own work, finances or relationship  situations is really a client not an advisor. Anyone who wishes to become an advice columnist  because they think it will solve their problems - i.e. cannot a get a job - is a fraud.A good agony aunt would be getting great offers that pay well already and never be unemployed unless they choose to be. Ask a psychic for advice and you get different guidance to that of an advice columnist. Ask a psychic and you get accurate psychic email readings online which also give predictions.


Ask the majority of bad agony aunt  advisors online would tell a girlfriend to dump her boyfriend with no thought to how she would never be able to do it because she needs him or thinks she loves him a lot.  They go by principles and practical things instead of feelings, and forget that it is an emotional situation first and foremost for this person, with the practical things following after. Ask a bad psychic and they will forget this so eventhough they are able to give accurate psychic email readings onlinhe they get it wrong.


The worst sort of agony aunt is the one who tells the client the obvious and assumes they are so thick they cannot think of this for themself.  I recently looked at a website for lonely people. Lonely people are usually in that predicament because for one reason or another they are unable to meet people who become friends. Yet this website said that they advised lonely people to contact all of their friends and invite them over!This is saying that they are so stupid they cannot think of a simple thing like making a phone call or inviting someone to come over. That they are lonely because although they have lots of friends they have not thought of contacting them or inviting them.  Ridiculous And this comes from a so called hepful website which has cost a lot of money and taken a lot of time to put together.


When a person works along as an agony aunt or advice columnist you get the same sort of daft advice more often. If a person says their doctor does not understand them the so called advisor says they should change their doctor. Something so obvious the complainer would have already thought of it, but there must be a reason why they did not do it. It may be that there are no other local doctors, it may be that they have tried the others and they are worse, but never give such obvious advice to anyone with a brain. Especially if they are paying for it. People will ask for their money back if you tell them something really obvious and expect to get paid for it. A good advice columnist will get into the skin of the person and feel for them as well as just see what is going on. You will not get this luxury if you write to a magazine or newspaper column where they often just write a few words very quickly because they are inundated, and usually they miss most of what you wrote because they are so busy, and usually they just send you a link to a website, something you could have found for yourself in ten minutes.


So do think carefully before you apply for this post. Are you really the right sort of person?  If so you are reliable, hard working, quick, sharp minded, inteligent, logical, good at making decisions and solving problems, eager to help others but not seeking the limelight, riches or some sort of get rich quick scheme or solution to your own problems. You are either a proven successful professional on a high hourly rate, or you own and run a successful business which brings you in a fair bit, you are not short of money, and if for any reason you are not one of these you are an educated and bright person who is looking for ways to help others rather than ways to increase your income,but where you would expect to be paid for your time because you value it and time is a valuable commodity which is not easy to come by.  You would be able to sell that time to others for at least as much as we would be paying you, not desperate for a job and thinking this is your only chance of a well paid job. You would be concerned that your advice is worth having and want to be sure that your advice is good, not just wanting to take the money and run.  You do not have big problems in your own life. You are not the sort of person who needs guidance from other professionals and friends, because you are a problem solver not the problem itself. You do not struggle to pay the rent or have to live with someone else you are not fond of just to get by, you are not living some crappy life that you would not choose because you are too capable for that.

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This is the only place that  considers employing inexperienced people as an agony aunt. No newspaper, magazine or website would consider it usually, not only that but we are offering to pay them a high hourly fee for their help and time.

You do not need to be able to do accurate psychic email readings online to work for us.


There are two types of people that are popular with those who need guidance. The agony aunt and the clairvoyant who gives accurate psychic email readings online.

If YOU need guidance about a problem you can get either through this site or by clicking on the link on the left. Ask a psychic for accurate psychic email readings online if you need predictions, divination, answers to questions that an ordinary person cannot ask.  An agony aunt just advises, but  when you ask a psychic for accurate psychic email readings online you get predictions and insight they cannot give, hence they charge more for their help.  You can  ask a psychic and get accurate psychic email readings online now, but make sure you choose someone who is properly qualified, experienced and who does this seriously, not one of the many fakes or amateurs.


What we are looking for is people who are smart,  focused,

good with people, caring, sympathetic, intelligent, mature, reliable, who can stick to our deal of giving us at least five hours a week of their time in return for the £200 a week or more we offer them.  We do not ask for experience or qualifications because we know from experience that usually when peoplestart to tell us all about their experience it has nothing to do with selling advice! Either they will tell us that their friends come to them for comfort - so what, we all get that, even those of us who are awful at advice get it - because it is easy to get to and free not because it is any good - or they tell us how much they would love to help people yet somehow have never had the chance, strange that as we all get chances to help others each and every day in lots of different ways... or they tell us that they desperately need this agony aunt  job because they have debts and cannot pay the bills, none of which has anything to do with being wise and sensible and good at advising others.


So one of the first things you have to understand is that our duty is to our paying clients. We make sure that only the best advise them. They can go to forums and their friends if they want advice from people who give crap advice or have ulterior motives for advising them.


Many of the people who come to us for a job tell us that they cannot get a job anywhere. In which case we are not sure why they are thinking they will get a far better job at a much higherwage here.  Usually if you cannot get an ordinary job you find a way to make sure you can, you do not set your sights at something even more difficult to get.


The world is full of people who would love to earn £40 per hour but do not have enough skill, experience, talent or brains to be able to. Cleaners, bar maids, road sweepers, those who work in burger bars  or knock on doors trying to sell things at minimum commission would all love to work for us and sit on their typewriter or computer sending emails instead of cleaning, working in a bar or road sweeping. But they know they do not have the skills to do it.


If just anyone could sell advice as an agony aunt then we would already be fully staffed and already have a long waiting list of people and would not still be looking.  So do use some common sense.


If you are a clairvoyant and are happy for people to use your skills then you can also offer accurate psychic email readings!  And earn even more than the person who only gives guidance. When people ask a psychic for accurate psychic email readings online they need more than just opinions so they pay more. Ask a psychic for accurate psychic email readings when you are low and need more knowledge about the best way to move forward with your life. Ask a psychic for accurate psychic email readings online when you want to know if you can trust someone or if they love you or if you should stay with them, things that a person who only guides cannot know. Ask a psychic for accurate psychic email readings online when it is about something important. Ask a psychic for accurate psychic email readings online when you are at a crossroads.


We do not charge a penny to anyone who is coming here hoping to work for us but we do ask that they do not waste out timeapplying for this job if they are not suitable for it. So if yhourf life is not sorted, if you have trouble in geting jobs and paying the bills and are not goode at reading and writing we think you would be wasting our time. Our clients have unsorted lives and need advice on how to get a job or pay the bills, not our staff. An advice columnist, agony aunt is well respected because their lives are sorted and they do not need advice themselves. Some are followers some are leaders, our clients are followers our staff are leaders.  Leaders do not need advice from others.


A professional advisor is wise,  they have compassion,  very often they earn a very good living working as a doctor, therapist, counsellor, nurse, or some other well and respectable profession. They are not drawn to selling advice because they are skint and cannot think of other ways to make money nor for an ego boost to show off to their friends because they feel inadequate. Sadly we have come across a lot of people who are not as genuine as this.  This is why so many of the people who come to our site and apply for this job as an agony aunt do not get it.


Some are so bored and desperate for an ego boost they would work for us for free.  If we were happy to take on people who were rubbish at giving advice we could get people much cheaper than £40 per hour. Common sense tells you that and to be a good advice columnist or agony aunt  you need plenty of common sense. And if you are clairvoyant even better. People ask a psychic for accurate psychic email readings online when they need help with making decisions or answers to questions or predictions.  No advice columnist can tell them the things that the person giving accurate psychic email readings can tell them.  If you are clairvoyant you can help them even more.  But we are looking for people to give guidance not predictions. You do not need to be able to do accurate psychic email readings online to work for us.


Are you wise enough to advise our clients and get well paid for it?

Can you also do accurate psychic email readings online ?  Our clients are fussy. They will not make do with fake or amateur advice, not at the prices they pay.

If you can give accurate psychic readings online but are not good at advice and understanding and knowledge of people and psychology then you will be useless to us and them!  Those who are great with people and advice and also able to do accurate psychic email readings online would be perfect for us, better than most of those who apply.









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to give guidance working as a professional

agony aunt

















This means reading the emails that our clients send us and writing back to them with wise advice by email. It is as simple as that but sadly not many are bright enough to be able to do that well.


You can do this if you are reliable, conscientious, honest,tactful, disciplined, hard working, good at reading and writing,caring towards others,  unselfish, smart, educated andable to spare five hours or more a week.


To be a good advice columnist or agony aunt requires a lot of effort. It is not just a case of sitting in front of your computer for five hours a week, if it were that simple then everyone could do it and we would be able to get people much, much cheaper or even free.  There are so many people out there who like the idea of becoming well known and having people respect them and being able to say they matter and make a difference to the World,  there are lots who love to sit at their computers, it would be easy to find people who simply want to do it for all of the wrongand selfish and short sighted reasons. But we want people who can actually help our clients not just people who want us to improve their lives. It has to be a two way street where they can help our clients as much as we help them.


A true advice columnist or agony aunt does not just sit and read and write,they transform the life of the person they are reading emails from and writing back to.  The client might be in a state about theirrelationship so they carefully take in the information sent to them and write back to the client with words that comfort and improveand change that situation,  not the silly ramblings of a friend or the daft guidance of a neighbour,  but something really helpful. If the client is worried because they are ill the advisor does not just say go to the doctor, they can work that out for themself,and they would be angry at being asked to pay for such a simple silly bit of advice, the agony aunt has to give them guidance which is far better than waht they can get for free from people they know and facebook groups and forums.


We are now seeking three new staff members to work for us as an agony aunt  as of 27th April 2017 and are always on the look out for people who are bright and capable enough to join our team of people and work as a paid agony aunt, people who are very capable in the real world themselves.   The snag is that capable people are usually very busy working in well paid careers and positions and do not have time to give to us - and if they did work for us they would not be highly impressed with the amount of money we can afford to pay them. £40 an hour is not a lot to someone who is highly educated, skilled, talented, professional, accomplished and sought after, so they either give us a few hours in their spare time out of generosity and consideration towards the clients who desperately need good agony aunt advice and have trouble finding it or because they like to keep  busy.  Because they are successful and bright they can earn more so are drawn for genuine reasons and more than capable of doing it.  In a perfect world we would find a few people who are not already very busy with a career or position which pays them well yet are very skilled and talented,  and the two rarely go together in real life.  They would probably be elderly and retired and wanting to do this part time despite being qualified and skilled enough to work as full time therapists or doctors and many of them would make a really good paid agony aunt online.


To work for us as a paid agony aunt you apply through this site doing the job interview.Do not try to contact us any other way nor try to get the position any other way i.e. sending a c.v. totally pointless if you have not got a proven track record of doing this and can only prove you have done other things instead! Most of our staff were doing very ordinary jobs or unemployed before they started to work for us as an agony aunt - this could be you.

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Those of you who are keen to help others in some way can work for the samaritans or the equivalent by taking phone calls from those in distress,or you can work for many other charities. There are lots of forums where you can give guidance to the others for free. Lots of people are happy to help others without payment and it is a good way to show you are genuine and not just trying to turn this into some sort of get rich scheme!  Those of you who are already helping others freely without payment on a regular basis and have been for a while are proving that it is not about the money and you are good at it and well organised.

An exceptional person can become a paid agony aunt, not just anyone.