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Written by The Association of Agony Aunts

How to become a well paid agony aunt

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Hello and welcome to the agony aunt jobs section of this site!  Lovely to meet you.  My name is Charlotte

Craig and I am President of The Association of Agony Aunts,   I am a professional advice columnist and

relationship expert. Clients pay me for 1 2 1 consultations in my office, on the phone and in writing - yes, this

is how I earn my living.  This site is unique because although there are other advice sites this is the only one

owned and run by qualified advice columnist professionals who have proved they are good and charge for

their advice.


We are always seeking someone to join our team of advice columnist writers and help us to read and write

back to paying clients. Very oftenyou see these letters in newspapers and magazines where the reply is

printed on the page.  I have given advice to clients through theDaily Mirror newspaper. You can find that on

this site.  But clients who write to us and pay us for advice here get a personal, private email reply which is

quick and helpful. They do not want to have their problem printed for all to see and they want a speedy

reply. Now you have a chance to join our team of advice columnist experts, without needing any experience.

This entails reading emails from clients who have paid us for advice on their problem and want a private and

personal reply. You speedly email them back with that advice. All confidential and private. Our paying clients do

not want their problems to be printed for all to see. They do not know your email address etc so cannot help

themselves to your time, disturb you or pester you.


A lot of people are suitable for this type of work but never knew how to get into it before so now is your chance.  You do not need qualifications or experience. You need to be intelligent, reliable, caring and good with people.  If you join our team we will pass on emails we get from clients; you

will read their emails and email them back with your well written words of wisdom and support, just like you see in the magazines and newspapers.

You might be unemployed or a mum stuck at home or in a boring job. Maybe you have never worked, none of this matters if you are smart and reliable.

You may be wanting something to do just part time around the rest of your life or where this becomes your one

and only career.


You get paid a high hourly rate, £40, for each hour you work with no expense to you. This is paid by paypal or in your bank account.  You will receive 

£200 or the international equivalent for every five hours you work for us.  You get paid through paypal.  You must be able to offer us at least five hours

a week.  You choose when those hours are and you can change them each week.  We do not deduct any expenses, tax etc. There are no sign up fees,

it is all yours.


This is how it works. Our clients pay to be able to send us an email with their problem explained in it. We pass their email on to one of our staff and pay them to write to the client with advice by email..


This is ideal for anyone who is a wanting to work from home part time, a smart, caring blogger / writer  or interested in or knowledgeable on

relationships, counselling or psychology or therapy. If you would like to join our team of well paid advisors do the job interview and show us you are

bright enough.


How to do the job interview...


Sign up with us so that we can email you privately to offer you a job.  Without this we cannot contact

you to sort out your working hours, how to pay you etc! Make sure you accept our emails so we can write to you.  


Go to the blog page. Place informative smart comments of at least 400 words.  Comment on what you

think of the other replies there too. Show us how smart you are. The more you post the better your chances. Make your presence stand out above the others. Make sure you return and post regularly. Then wait to hear from us. For YOUR protection we have made this a member's only page. See below.


Important -

Never post links to websites, phone numbers, email addresses etc.   Never ask us questions.

Posting inappropriate, argumentative or silly comments will result in being thrown off the site without explanation.


For free help on how to succeed click here. Click the same link to become a self employed qualified advisor.


For queries to go frequently asked questions. Every query you could possibly think of is answered there

for free.


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*    You can get private lessons from us and they are better and cheaper than selfgrowth. Go to the consultation page. IF you prefer to consult Charlotte or one of her experts personally by email rather than read this page and the frequently asked questions and terms of business then go to the consultation page and choose and pay for whichever consultation you want. You should not need to do this at all and we would prefer that you do not as we want to spend our time helping clients. We do not provide a facility for people to send us their queries for free because they would be asking us things they can work out themselves and find on those pages and that would not be fair to us. We can hardly ask our experts to answer queries for free or pay them to do that.  Common sense tells you that if we allow people to email us for free we would be receiving hundreds of time wasting and often pointless queries from people who are just wasting our time but it would be costing us money to read them and deal with them.  Our clients would get neglected and we would have to charge a ridiculous amount to clients to cover the time wasted.  This would result in us losing all of our clients and closing down.  The truth is that if YOU cannot read the information here and understand it and follow it or work things out yourself you are probably wasting our time coming here anyway. We are looking for people who are smart problem solvers not people who need us to hold their hand and nurse them.  The whole idea of hiring staff is to give us less to do, save us time, not give us more work,especially unpaid.  It would be quicker and cheaper  to do all of the work ourselves then.



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