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Get a date online,  With more and more people using computers.... often for hours every day, it has become normal, quicker, easier, more practical and cheaper to find people to get dates through your computer rather than by meeting them through clubs, hobbies, at work or through friends.   Many have given up trying to find people to date in the old fashioned ways because of it. Charlotte Craig tells you how to get a date on your computer in a way that is effective and safe. If you would like  1 2 1 advice on ANY situation please feel free to contact our qualified experts.


Dating sites - There are two types of dating sites.  The vague ones with loads of members where anyone can join.  These are available as paid or unpaid sites.  Then the other type of dating site is that which is specifically for a certain type, such as ONLY for bisexuals, ONLY for people aged over 50, single parents etc.


When it comes to choosing between a free site and a paid for site beware. The free sites seem inviting but a close look shows that you tend to get more of the riff raff on there, those who are unemployed and unemployable, those who have a lot of health problems, those that are married and those who are just after sex. It is far better to join a paid for site because you do get someone who takes it more seriously AND you do not waste time chatting to people who are not really good enough for you or suitable, the users, liars, predators , losers, cheats etc. With something as important as finding dates people should not mind spending money, that makes a lot more sense than NOT spending money and then getting lots of time wasters.  Beware of the free dating sites that  are not. Where you can sign up for free but are not able to read or send messages unless you pay.  Many of them arrange their sites in such a way that you get bombarded with messages telling you that someone wants to chat to you when that person does not really know you exist, and then they ask you to pay to read that message.


What are the advantages to signing up with a site over finding someone chatting?  The main advantage is that you fill in a profile and then you wait. You should not have to invest a lot of time.  If somebody who is a potential date comes you way you can chat to them and find out if they are, but you will not have loads of pointless chats that waste your time until you find one.  Also, a lot of men who are just after casual sex or who are married are more likely to try to avoid filling in profiles on sites, even when free, you are more likely to meet sexual predators and married men when just chatting in a chat room.  It is far easier for them to lie about their details when they just chat than when they have to fill in a form.    If you go to a dating site where people  have to put their date of birth and you make it clear that you only want to meet guys who are aged 20 - 30 then guys of 18 and 45 cannot pretend to be that age.


Decide on the sort of person you want to date.... i.e. if you are 21 you may decide that the guy can be aged 18 - 25 but not a day older.  Make a list of must haves and deal breakers and things which you do not want and stick to it.  Is this for love or fun?  Be realistic and look at it from the guys' point of view too. If you are 60 then it would be daft to say you want a guy who is 21 and wonder why nobody is interested! Beware of the ones who are in a relationship and pretending not to be. They are usually the ones who do not put a photo, are vague about their address, find it hard to meet evenings and weekends,  they might try to get around telling you they are in a relationship by telling you they work long hours or travel a lot with work and want to talk about sex very quickly and meet very quickly without getting to know you here first.


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Think about if you will still be wanting to see this person in a year or two. If so be more fussy, if it is just for a holiday fling  then why bother?  Maybe then it is better to play it by ear.  Get a date online.