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99% of the people who use this site are here needing Charlotte or one of her tested and qualified agony aunts to give them a private consultation  

about their problems. The others are here for amusement. Very few are wanting to get a well paid job as an advisor. Other websites, magazines, newspapers etc can come to this site to find staff, as we are the only place that deals in these jobs.   If you are a natural and great at everything that makes a wonderful agony aunt or uncle already go to the blogs and forums and post - stand out in quantity and quality and show us how good you

are. We need to see that you are good at this and have enough spare time.  IT WILL NOT COST YOU A PENNY.   We also advertise jobs for other sites and publications on the agony aunt forum. We are the only place that is interested in placing such posts so anyone who wishes to advertise for someone to do this work has to come here to post it.  We are crying out for people who are good enough to join our team and help us to advise our clients.  So much so that Charlotte set aside a lot of time to make the following available.


If you need help you can get detailed indepth personalised lessons from us,  see below, it contains everything you could possibly want to know about how to do this well and earn a lot of money at it. An excellent way to become a well known and well paid advice columnist working for a site like this,a magazine or newspaper or private agony aunt yourself  (YOU COULD DO BOTH) .  Work from home when it suits you. Do something interesting. GET A HIGH HOURLY RATE.  This is an essential and cheap investment for those who are looking for a new full time career or a part time way to increase their income but have never done anything like this before.  It will save you wasting a lot of valuable time on getting it wrong and making mistakes - and with this as in many things - time is money.


The lesson comes in four parts, if you receive and read and study each part properly there should be no stopping you.* Each lesson comes in the form

of a long email  or approximately 1000 words which you can read at your leisure. There is a charge of £3.50 for administration with each order.























































* Having lessons from us will help you to become a professional advisor, how much depends on how much you study and how much natural talent you have.

As with lessons of any sort for anything nobody can guarantee your success except you.





Why not become a self employed agony aunt or advice columnist? You can apply to work for us and join our expert team too!   We know several

people who work for us and get well paid by us to advise OUR clients but also have their own clients.  Both situations have strong advantages. A

win win situation.. and do not forget that with your own clients you keep every cent for yourself.  Of course, before people will pay you or trust you

with their problems they want some sort of proof that you are capable of helping them and worth paying! You can get advice from our team on how

to set up your own website or business or get your own clients, just go to the consultation page and arrange your consultations. So...






right now and be listed in our special directory.


Use the letters A.A.A after your name


be listed as a qualified advisor !


This is the only directory Worldwide  - seen by lots of people.

Your chance to show the World that you are not all talk, that you are a self employed advisor and you are really are serious about this and really do put effort and time into it. It will help you to get clients and get a job anywhere as you are your own boss. You get your own clients (this should be easy if you do a good listing and show it to people, even better if you advertise it in articles and/or other places),  choose how much you charge, how you work, your working hours etc.  You keep every penny you charge for yourself and do not share any of it with us.  Choose a normal listing or a special one. See the directory if unsure and for examples.  Anyone can be listed in this directory it is no guarantee of abilities.


This listing is also essential if you are hoping to be hired by another website, magazine, newspaper who is seeking a good advisor. They would

never hire someone who has not got some sort of tangible proof of being serious about this.


This listing means*  that you can be seen by individual clients, other webites, newspapers and magazines who are seeking someone to do this as

being available for and interested in working for them.  


You will be allowed to use the letters A.A.A (Association of Agony Aunts)  after your name.


To become a listed member do all three of these today, see terms below


STEP ONE - Sign up and get a forum name so that we can contact you privately


















































































































*  Terms of business


It is essential that you fill in the comment form and send it to us at the same time as when you make your payment.  

If you send us a payment and do not fill in the contact form slip at the same time we will put a listing for you which cannot be changed later.


You cannot change your mind about being listed at a later date  We offer this service at a very low price and would not be able to offer it at such a low price if administering it became

complicated or time consuming.


Our terms of business and queries are on the frequently asked questions pages. If you prefer to contact us for an email reply then you must pay for a 1 2 1 with us.  Asking us about anything

whether a problem or something to do with this site is a consultation. All of the information you need is here, you should not need to contact us that way.  Selfgrowth charge £350 an hour plus vat for their advice and are less knowledgeable about this.


Those who choose to be listed in the directory are self employed.  The listing helps them to get their own  clients and be recognised as serious advisors. If you would like advice on how to

run your own successful advice business then consult us through the consultation page booking paid consultations with our team.  If you wish to  work for us then you must prove you are

good enough by sucessfully completing the job interview. Most choose to do both.


For a free lesson here now on how to do this well and earn a lot of money doing it click here





To apply for jobs, get news of them and receive regular news

This contact form is only for those who paid to become a silver qualified member.  


If you fill in this form without paying we will consider you a timewaster and unsuitable to join our team of advice columnists.

Fill in your full name below* - i.e. JANE SMITH - a christian and surname, then the town and country  you reside and work in.

Remember that our administrators  usually work 9 am to 5 pm friday so do not expect a reply in an evening or at the weekend.

If you have queries go to the frequently asked questions pages or the relevant page or pay for a 121 consultation with us.  


Only £31.50

plus £3.50




in total



Only £66.50

plus £3.50





in total



Agony Aunt Lesson

Part ONE £30



Agony Aunt Lesson

Part TWO £30



Agony Aunt Lesson

Part THREE £30



Agony Aunt Lesson

Part FOUR £30







Selfgrowth sells advice on these subjects for hundreds of pounds an

hour.  They are not experts in this field.





Same as above but with a bigger, longer and

more eye catching listing


(see page of practitioners for examples)


People will listen to you

and take you VERY VERY seriously








Become a Qualified Advisor


People will listen to you

and take you seriously