FREE LESSON PART TWO  ...  So let us look at which sort of person is suitable for this job!  They do not need to be in a responsible job already, they may be, perhaps they are working as a therapist, a counsellor, an analyst, a psychiatrist, a doctor, a solicitor yet there is no guarantee that any of these people could do this well.  You might be guaranteed that they are good at organising their diary and used to speaking to strangers but that is not enough.  We have found that some people who are already in responsible jobs or successfully self employed in such industries are useless at this either because they have fixed ideas and will not listen or they have no common sense.


We have turned away people who are earning a lot running their own business or doing a responsible job yet offered the same job to someone who is unemployed with no qualifications.


The sort of people who might be great for this are writers, or those keen on writing, there are a lot of people out there who are housebound perhaps because of taking care of children, being disabled or taking care of elderly relatives, others simply prefer to work from home but those who like helping others and those who are good at writing emails are the ones we are looking for. They will be friendly, they will be polite, they will be smart and they will have loads of common sense.  Whatever their reasons for wanting to do this

they have to be able to give good advice to the paying customers.  We do not care what your reasons are, it might be because

you are sick of travelling a long way to work, it might be because the fares to go to work are high, it might be because it is time consuming to travel to work, it may be because the costs of travellig to work are too high, it might be because you want to work when it suits you, it might be because you are a budding writer, it might be because you care about others and want to help them, it might be

because you want a change.   It might be because you are unemployed and using this as an opportunity to change your career rather

than return to something badly paid or boring. It might be because you are retired and bored or retired and needing more money to come in.  Your reasons are your business, we will not ask you!


People have asked us what sort of age group we prefer. There is no preferred age group. You can be 18 or 80 or anywhere in between, what matters is that YOU are suitable and can do this well.  We do not care what your location is so long as you an speak and write good English, we do not care if you are a female or a male.


You can be disabled, so long as you can read an email and write back to it properly it does not matter.


To work for us you can live anywhere, you can be male, female, gay or straight, you can be young or old.


You also do not need any money because you are not buying a franchise or paying rent on premises.  You do a job interview and if you pass it you are offered the job. This costs you nothing. You may be wise enough to invest in our book on how to do this well but that is your choice. You may advertise on our directory, that is your choice. Neither of those are necessary to work for us as one of our team.


Do not forget you have choices.  You can apply to work for us where you read emails from clients and email them back and get well paid.  You can advertise on our directory and post blogs so that other websites, magazines and newspapers can see how good you are and offer you a job if they wish.  You can set up your own business where you are the boss and you get your own clients and keep all of the money you make.  You can choose two or all of these and mix them together! Why not?  We will explain so read on.


If you wish to work for another site, a magazine or newspaper then join this site (THIS IS FREE) and post on the blogs (THIS IS FREE)

and put an entry on our directory which says you are a member of the ASSOCIATION OF AGONY AUNTS where people can contact you.

Make sure that the websites and publications can see how gifted, talented and wise you are and let them contact you to discuss a job opportunity with you.  It is then entirely up to you if you wish to take what they offer you.  If you are not sure you can contact Charlotte or one of her experts through the consultation page and ask them for advice on it.


If you wish to be self employed then you will need to set up a website or have some other sort of "office" and some sort of advertising so that people know you exist.  Most people will expect you to prove you are good enough to pay for advice before they pay you anything. So advertise in our paid for directory or wherever you wish.  Again you can consult Charlotte or one of her experts through the consultation page for any help you need.


And whichever of the three options you choose you can get the book on how to be an expert and make a lot of money at this through LULU.COM by Carmel Brulez (who, by the way, is not a person but the name used by Charlotte and her team when writing articles and books).  For less than you can earn in an hour you can have the A - Z of how to do this very well and turn this into your new career.


So why do we ask you to prove that you are good enough?  Because if you tell us all about where you worked in the past it does not prove you are suitable for this. We do not care how good you are at filing, teaching, serving in a shop or cooking burgers, we care that you are reliable and good at giving advice.


Other websites and the Press will expect you to prove yourself before they are interested in hiring you so it is no good writing to them telling them all about how fantastic it would be for you to have that job. They have heard it all before, just as we have, and we know that someone being keen is often someone who is not skilled enough. So whichever option you are interested in you ought to post on the blog page a lot, make the blogs and comments long, comment on the comments and blogs posted by the others, make your presence known, show us how caring and wise you are, become indispensable.  Not just so that we can see you and hire you but also so that other websites and magazines/newspapers can. But remember that they have to be able to contact you and the only way you can make this possible is by having an entry on the directory page.  We suggest you have a good look at this page before you do your own entry so that you get a good flavour of the other people there and how they word theirs.   If you are offered a position you can always turn it down but at least it is nice to be offered it.