FREE LESSON PART ONE  ...  remember that there are various ways you can work as an advisor. One is to be an agony aunt where you do one to one consultations for clients either by email, on the telephone or face to face - the other is to write for magazines and newspapers where you contribute articles which advise on various subjects you are knowledgeable on or you are employed by them to help out their readers and clients.  Both ways are well paid and very interesting and we can help you with both.


Think on this.... if you are talented and skilled enough you can work for us on this site where you read emails from clients and write back to them.  At the moment and since we commenced trade all of our consultations have been done by email and do not worry none of the clients know your email address, nor your real name, nor which country you live in or anything private about you.  We send you the emails we need you to respond to and tell you how many words each one has paid for, you then send the replies to us and we forward them to the clients so you have total peace and privacy.We are smart, we think of everything.


Incidentally we pay every fortnight by paypal , it is really easy to set up a paypal account,  you just need a bank account, which can be anywhere Worldwide, all sucessful professionals have at least one business account!  If you are setting up your own advisory business then it is essential you have one so that your clients can pay you - or you can give us the details of an account one of your friends or a family member has and pay it through to them so long as you have given us written permission and confirmation that you have chosen this way of being paid.


REMEMBER that you can always get the detailed very helpful book How to Earn Lots of Money as an Agony Aunt at if you want the full version, a small price to pay for a great new job which pays so well.  Not just a job, a whole new lifestyle, something

exciting and meaningful which will totally transform your life.  Have people respect you and listen to you for a change. No more boring days, no more dreading empty days or days spent doing something boring. No more making someone else rich while your life trickles away day by day..... you know life is far too short to spend one week doing a job you do not enjoy, let alone a year or longer.

It can make you very unhappy, sad, depressed and it can mean that you feel worthless.  It also means that you might be earning far less than you deserve to earn.  How does this affect you if you then cannot afford a decent lifestyle? You cannot afford a holiday, a car,

a nice home or some of the luxuries you see others have on a regular basis?


Everyone deserves to be able to get out of debt and treat themselves to some special treats regularly, especially if they work.


One of the wonderful things about this is that you choose when you work.  No longer are you being told when they want you to start and how long you must work there before you are allowed to go home!  You can choose mornings, afternoons or both, you can choose evenings, you can make it different each week.


One of the other wonderful things about this is that you are working from home. This means that with the right advice you can make sure you do not pay any tax at all, Charlotte and her team can advise you on this, they know how to do it.  But you also save money on petrol, fares, clothing and time because the time you were spending on going back and forth to work can now be spent actually working and earning money!


During the cold weather there is no need to trudge through the snow, put up with the wind and the chills.  During the summer you have more time to sit and chill in the garden, listening to the birds and enjoying the scent and beauty of the flowers.