Free Guidance

Free guidance. True to our word you will find a lot of no cost help on this site.  We are true professionals, an agony aunt will never lie, we are knowledgeable, we want to help people and we are sensible. This is why we became qualified and do this as our work.  However, it is a responsible post and we take it very seroiusly. The last thing we want is to let anyone down. This is why whenever someone comes to us and asks us to take them on and wants to work for us we thoroughly test and exam and vet them to make sure they are up to our standard and good enough. Many of them are not knowledgeable or caring enough.  Or they are not experienced enough in life, or they do not have the right attitude.  We often pray to God that we will get someone who is knowledgeable, smart, caring and with the right attitude come our way as there are so few of them about and we would hire them on the spot.


Apart from all of the no cost help you will get here you also have the option of coming directly to one of us for a 1 2 1 consultation.   Something which is invaluable when you need any sort of help.  There is no point in you finding our site if you do not make as much use of it as you need to.  REMEMBER we are not bored housewives or people looking to make a quick buck because we are desperate for work. We are fully trained and qualified advisors who do this for a living and are bright enough to get well paid work elsewhere.  We have a lot of regular clients - some are well known and famous - and we are respected.


But what is your alternative?  You can go to the many sites where amateurs post.  And you can spend hours posting  there and reading their replies. Not only would this take hours of posting but weeks of waiting for the answers and advice to appear... if they do. You have no guarantee that anyone will bother to post at all.   We also know that most of those who post on them have their own problems which they cannot sort out so they are hardly good at solving problems or making decisions.  They will tell you that they cannot get a job and they cannot sort out their love life and then in the next breath tell you that they know all the answers!  Then you  have a lot of children or those who are just bored on them  who do not really care whether or not you get sorted and who sometimes deliberately put stupid answers just to wind you up and have fun.  Some of them are trolls who want to start an argument or waste your time because it is their idea of fun and they have nothing better to do with their time.  They do not care if you are upset by what they say, in fact they want you to be. So why ask them to help you? 


If your car broke down you would not ask a child or someone who cannot repair their own car how to put it right? So why trust an emotional issue to someone who cannot sort out their own emotions or cannot sort out their own love and relationship issues?  Well you can if you are stupid. The truth is that most who seek out no charge advice are very selfish and short sighted. They go onto chat rooms and forums asking if any naturopaths, doctors or fortune tellers are there who will do them a free session.  It does not concern them that this is totally unfair on the naturopath, doctor or fortune teller or that a good naturopath, doctor or fortune teller would be too busy with real work to be looking for chances to work for free.  If they had wanted to do that they would already be besieged by others who want same thing!


I recently went onto a messsage board which purported to give free health advice. Lots of people were swapping anectdotes of their miseries with their sinus, congestion, headaches, ear aches, stomach aches, sore throats and similar problems. Most of them were going on about how awful their symptoms were and how they were living in total misery yet they would then go on to tell the others how to cure their problem!  How can they do this if they are still in misery with it themselves? One guy was making a big point of telling everyone he was suicidal with the misery of his awful  illness, and it was awful, yet he then said he knew the solution and explained something and said this is the answer!  He then went on to tell people to buy vitamin C, selenium, cider vinegar, garlic or whatever and many of them were rushing out and buying it. Yet they would have been far better off attending a proper naturopath who knew what he was talking about - they were trying to save money on the advice. Yet then wasting a lot of money on buying the things that he advised them to get that may well be a waste of money.


I have also spoken to people who ring the Samaritans and other voluntary lines trying to get expert advice and then regret it. One lady rang them explaining how lonely she was because she is disabled and housebound with no family.  She got through her days in a reasonably pleasant way by cooking, reading, watching tv, cleaning her apartment, playing with her cat and working from home.  She rang five times. She explained each time that she is a capable person who does not need advice but just needed someone to talk to.  The first time she explained this the lady said "well I cannot see why you have rung". When it would be easy to anyone with half an eye to see it was because she was lonely and just needed a sympathetic ear and someone to have a chat with. This first lady then went on to say that she should invite all of her friends over and then she would not be lonely!  She totally forgot that if it was that simple she would have thought of it herself. And - how on earth can a housebound disabled person acquire friends? She has no chance to meet these people?  


The next one she spoke to said she should move.  And went on about how she must be able to go out otherwise how can she get her food and clothes? Why would they assume this person can afford the cost of moving and what would be the point?  They also over looked that a disabled person on their own would have a lot of problems in managing to do this. It had nothing to do with the actual problem and to move would have simply given the disabled caller a lot of extra problems she did not have before.   As if you stop being housebound because it is inconvenient.   Does this mean that she was lying then?  Why would she?  It is like saying that if someone says they need to use a wheelchair or they are blind that is impossible because it is inconvenient. There are about 150,000 housebound people in the UK right now. There was no point to this at all. It would have been a huge hassle and expense and all for nothing.  The third person she spoke to said she should go and do charity work!   She already had a job that she loved.  And she was  unable to go out! And they forgot that she needed money to live on so she would not have given up her paid job anyway!  The fourth person she spoke to said that it must be because of her unhappy childhood. She had never had an unhappy childhood and that would hardly cause her to be disabled and housebound. The fifth one understood she just needed a friendly chat.  The first four were all taking it upon themselves to talk down to her as if she was simple and stupid and they knew far better than her, yet they knew nothing.  They were wanting to feel important and maybe caring but out of their league when it came to opinions and advice. So remember there are a lot of people out there offering advice but it does not mean that their advice is worth having and they have their own reasons for offering it. Very often because it makes them feel superior, important and clever.  This is why we have trouble in finding enough people to work for us as paid advisors and are always on the look out for people who are up to it.


Free guidance.