Free advice columnist .... This is the place to visit if you want guidance, well not just any guidance but the very best,  from a qualified professional expert  OR  you wish to sell guidance to those who need help from an expert.


Let us find out whether you need our help or you can get well paid to  help us to help others..




Do you need our help?


Are you worried about a relationship? Do you find it hard to concentrate on things or enjoy life because somethign is on your mind?  Are you worried about something?  Are you going through a crisis? Are you needing help with a decision? Are you struggling with something that keeps you awake at night?


If the answer to any of those is yes you can get guidance for free on our site and through our many forums right now and you can get a 1 2 1 personal consultation on our site from one of our experts  or even our head main expert Charlotte Craig in total privacy... your choice


We are the only site that hires professional advisors who do this as a proper serious career.


We pay them well. We only take on the best




are YOU - full of common sense - good with people - caring - sympathetic?


Are you able to work out solutions to situations?  Are you good at pointing people in the right direction when they are concerned about something? Are you a good listener?  Are you reliable?  Are you able to spare our site and our clients at least five hours a week to helping us help people working from home either part time or full time?


Are you able to use good grammar and spelling and put together an email without help from someone else? Is your spelling adequate?


Do you enjoy helping others?


Would you like your loved ones to be proud of you?


Are you in  need of a terrific and enjoyable job?


Are you needing something more in your life?


Are you bored and needing more stimulation?


Would £200 or more a week be helpful?  We pay our experts a whopping £40 an hour and their only expense is any electricity they use, which comes to very little,  and their computer or access to one.


Free advice columnist


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