There are different ways to get advice from an expert who belongs to the Association of Agony Aunts - or indeed Charlotte Craig herself.  You choose which suits you best.  You can pay for a private 1 2 1 session which is sent to you by email, nobody else ever sees it, and you receive it within 48 hours of writing to us. If you ned a private reply, a speedy reply, a guaranteed reply and an expert reply this is for you. If this is your choice go to paid session


For a FREE session you go to the foot of this page and you post your problem in the comment box.  Our experts will sift through these every so often and reply to those which they find interesting or worthwhile.  If you return to the page regularly you will see if they have chosen your problem as one of the ones to give free advice to.  There is no charge whatsoever for this but we cannot promise if and when we have time to respond and others who are not proven experts and maybe give terrible advice might respond to it too if they wish. It must be about a real life problem, not asking for free advice on how to be an agony aunt or set up a business. If we reply we will reply once, so do not try to turn it into an ongoing correspondence.  For free advice on how to be an advisor click here.


Posts must be at least 200 words long and no longer than 500 words, polite and sensible, write it in the form of a letter to an expert, with no links, phone numbers, web addresses, emails etc.


For a free private session go to the win a session section and follow the proceedure.

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