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Frequently asked questions from clients   


If you have paid for a consultation with us you should have received a confirmation from pay pal within minutes. You will receive your reply from u within 24 working hours. If for any reason you are worried your payment has not gone through you can check this on your pay pal statement.


There are a lot of reasons why you should choose to consult us and pay us for guidance and support.    


We are affordable.


We are qualified, experienced and knowledgeable.  


We are the only people who offer this as a professional service (you can also go to our sister site at


If you choose to go to people you know instead they tend to put their own interests before yours, gossip about you or  judge you.


If you go to a newspaper or magazine - yes this is free - but it takes about a month. You get people who are less knowledgeable and qualified

than our team and you never get to consult the leading advisor. Here you can. Magazines and newspapers receive such a huge response of people wanting freebies that they can only spend a few minutes on each reply. Very often they just tell you to go to a certain website or ring a helpline.  They also take approximately a month to get back to you.


If you go to the many free forums you get people who are not necessarily good at advice, nor are they knowledgeable, nor wise and very often they have lots of their own problems and that is why they are there. Some are children and others are out to cause mischief.  Yesterday I saw a post on a health site where a lady asked why she had pain in her nipple, someone thought it was funny to reply with this -  "you definitely have cancer and you will die soon".


For those of you who realise you need to actually consult an expert and pay for their input then  Consult us here.  No qualified professional is going to be sitting and looking through forums giving free advice and guidance, they are far too busy working with paying clients.  Even when you write to a magazine or newspaper the people who give advice are paid - the magazine or newspaper pays them.


Please be sensible when you use our site. We have provided it at great expense. It costs a lot of money to set up and run a site.  We have to pay people to administer to it every day including Christmas Day. In return we ask the people who we invite to use it to be sensible and fair.  If you post on the forums bear in mind that just about everyone who uses them is doing it as their job interview. So do not expect them to know the answers to your problems. Some will be grown mature aduts and some will be silly children who are out of their depth even if well meaning. You have to work out which is which if you are going to get into a discussion with any of them.


Some people ask us why it is that we do not have a contact form so that everyone can write to us with a query. Well think about this. We are busy, we are under staffed, we are inundated with requests for help from clients who are paying for advice.  All of the  information you need is on this site. And we would be flooded with requests for free advice if we allowed this, we would then have to hire more staff and pay out more in wages and charge YOU more to cover this.


For those who have had the advice they need and no longer wish to receive emails


You chose to subscribe to the emails. Think twice before you cancel. It costs you nothing to receive them. Read the bottom of the page of the email you next receive and follow instructions.



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