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How Do I Know this is Genuine?


The truth is that a bright person who is used to being in a responsible post - maybe a doctor or a lawyer - would not ask us that.  They get offered responsible well paid posts all of the time, it is part of their normal life. There are responsible well paid jobs all over the place, it is whether or not the people applying for them are genuine that matters.



The Question is how Genuine are YOU?   


Have you got the skills and personality needed for this job?   Until you do the job interview only you know if you are are great at giving advice and sorting out someone's life for them,  writing and sticking with it so that we notice you or would you be wasting our time?   You might be wonderful at this and the answer to our prayers or you might be totally unsuitable.  We hope that you have the sense to only apply for this job if you have what it takes. Otherwise you are wasting our time and money and your spare time.


It is actually quicker and easier for you to apply to work for us online than it is to travel to and from somewhere at a set time and date that suits the employer. It also saves you spending on fares or petrol. It might also mean taking a day off unpaid of your other job.  If you are too busy to do a proper interview you will be too busy to work for us.


A genuine person would be concerned that they are good enough to advise our clients.  They would be thinking of the huge responsibility and worried that another person is better for the job.  It would concern them that the client takes their advice and follows it when they could have got better advice elsewhere.     A genuine person may already be working for the Samaritans, No Panic,  Perverted Justice  (such organisations are there to sympathise fulfilling a voluntary and unpaid role and the Samaritans insist you regularly work a whole night whether you like it or not) or the many free amateur agony aunt sites online in their spare time.  A professional agony aunt has to know the answers too.... quickly, without asking someone else or researching it.


Some say a caring person who wants to help others should not be looking for financial reward.  We say this is rubbish. If you are helping people then you deserve to be well paid for it.   You need to make a living and you need to be recognised for what you do.  One email from you might transform someone's life for the better, this is something you should be well paid for.  Just as a doctor, a counsellor , a psychic or a therapist is.  But when someone who is totally incompetent comes to our site hoping to get this job we have to ask ourselves why. They are not genuine and they are hoping we are daft enough not to notice this.









charlotte craig