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Q. How do I do the Job Interview?


A.  Sign up so that we can contact you. Go to the advice columnist page and write interesting long comments -- to all of them, the more the better.   Go to the forums and post interesting and informative posts. They are fake problems. Nobody gets any benefit from them. Our  paying clients get a personal email from one of our quaified expert staff, they do not use the forums or the advice columnist page and they would not want all and sundry reading and replying to their plights. Nor would they want the opinions and ideas of unqualified unproven people. These pages are only used for job interviews. Clients can get free advice from their family and friends - for free - if they want someone unqualified. We would not let you anywhere near clients until we were sure you were bright enough to be able to help them.  Go to the forums and post at least one message on each forum. Show us that you have time to spare, that you write the best advice, that you are consistent and that your grammar and spelling are good enough.   We need to be sure you have time to spare each week. We  need to know that you are not doing this as a five minute wonder and do not lose interest quickly. But most of all we need to see that you give the very best advice, write it well and can deal with all types of people in all situations.  Remember that we are the only busy, high profile, proven site that pays advisors at the moment, and we pay them well. We are also the only site that offers the chance to get jobs elsewhere where you are properly paid for advice.  Other sites, magazines, newspapers etc. know about our site and come here looking for their staff.  So even if we do not have a vacancy right now it is still worth your while posting and showing how good you are and that you have the spare time so that they can talent spot you. When vacancies come up will vary, we might need one person this week and nobody for three weeks so a wise person will make sure they come back to the site and post and post so that we do not fail to spot how good they are when we are looking.  Other potential employers can look on our site regularly to see who posts the best and the most and contacts the ones that interest them.  It is up to YOU to make sure they choose you.


You can do a few minutes every day so it does not interfere in your normal paid job or lifestyle at all.  AND IT DOES NOT COST YOU A PENNY.


If you make a mistake do not worry simply to it again, we are not stupid, we make allowances for these things.


If you want to improve your abilities then pay for our exhaustive lesson which you can buy through written by Carmel Brulez,  - Charlotte and her team use this name, where you get access to loads of guidance that helps you.  It gives you an enormous advantage over most of the others and is far cheaper than paying for individual consultations and it makes far more sense than spending time on here doing a job interview wrong.


We advise you to do the interview again if you are unsuccessful the first time, or the second or the third, you can try as often as you like. It may be that you are terrific but we were not looking the first time, then you need to be there and showing us how terrific you are when we are looking.


Sometimes we get people who love to write who come here and write and write with no hope of getting a job, either because they know they are not good enough at giving advice or they prefer to flit about.  There are lots of sites and forums you can post on like this with no hope of a job or any remuneration. If you are only wanting to flit about please do but we prefer that people who come here are serious as we are usually short staffed and eager to find fresh talent.



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