Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Why can't I just send you my c.v.?


A. Now come on, use a bit of sense!  People can make up c.v.s.  It takes hours to check them out, especially if they live abroad. BUT what good is a c.v. that rambles on and on about how much you want to help people and can give great advice? You have never been paid for such advice so whatever your c.v. says is not relevant to THIS job.  Telling us that you work for the Samaritans as a volunteer does not mean that you would be good at giving advice.   It might mean that you wanted to put it on your c.v. or you wanted to escape from your busy family life a few evenings a month, it is no guarantee that you are now able to give us five hours a week, capable of getting on well with people, good at understanding people, caring, helpful, knowledgeable and good at solving problems.  The Samaritans are not allowed to judge or give advice so they work in a totally different way to us anyway.


When people go on Britains Got Talent to try to prove they are great singers or comedians Simon Cowell is not at all interested in their normal day to day job, a person who cannot sing is not going to get chosen because they work in a shop and sell a lot of dresses,  all he cares about is whether or not they can sing or tell jokes.


If you are intelligent, sensible, fair, caring and good with words you cannot fail.


Q. What are the qualifications for this job?


A. Any age. Any location (you are working from wherever you choose on your computer). Male or female. No qualifications or experience needed. But must have the right attitude, knowledge,  personality and skills.  We have a lovely girl working for us who is only 26,  has no qualifications at all but is one of the most streetwise and logical people we have ever met.  Age is no guarantee of wisdom.  We  have had people who are 60+ apply to us who have a lot less aptitude than youngsters.  Good English is important.  But you do not need any actual

qualifications such as O or A levels, degrees.  Most of the previous advice columnists, even those who became famous, had no qualifications on paper. It helps to be well organised as anyone who promises us they will be available next week wednesday has to be able to stick to it, they cannot keep re arranging it and changing it.


I want to apply to work for YOU on this site, helping your clients but also want to be able to apply for a job with another website or a magazine or newspaper. Is this ok?


We encourage people to work hard to achieve their ambitions. So long as you do not promise us five hours a week and then say you are too busy doing your other part time post we will be all for it.


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