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 Q. I have queries and cannot write to you with my questions


A. That is right. If a paying client thought we would write back and forth answering questions in the hope of them  booking a paid consultation we would not  have the time.   We cannot invest £100 worth of our time in the hope of earning £10. We would not even cover our costs.  We would have to greatly increase the price of our consultations to cover all of that "wasted" time. And then our clients would not bother to consult us because we are too expensive.  We can only afford to make our prices so fair and reasonable because we are prudent about how we spend our time.  Imagine how many emails we would get if we were offering potential advisors, people who are interested in working for us, free advice on how to use our website.  There would be loads of them and it would totally take over from our paid work.Common sense tells you that we are here for clients.  We always put them first. They are our bread and butter. If we cannot invest unpaid time in them in the hope of them booking a paid for consultation we cannot invest unpaid time in anyone else where there is no worthwhile end result.  We used to get people sending us queries and we had hundreds each day. 99% of them were ridiculous and timewasting. If a person needs to have a consultation with us they can pay for it on the consultation page but we cannot pay our staff to reply to them for free.If something is bothering you then you are the one who benefits out of having it resolved.


Nobody should need to contact us with questions about working for us. All of the information needed is on the site and in the emails we send out to those who have signed up. We are advertising for staff because we are struggling to find time to deal with all of the clients who write to us PAYING us for our advice.  If you would rather ask us than go  through the site to find the answer or work it out yourself then you can go the consultation page and consult us individually if you pay us for our time.  We used to allow people to send us queries and people tried to take advantage. Some tried to demand that we give them the job - or else.    Others would nag us to give them free advice. Some would try to tell us that if we write back answering their queries they might take the time to apply for a job, which is the same as us paying them to do an interview!!!  Most of them were asking us which page this or that is on when they could have found it far quicker on the home page.  But it took us twenty minutes to read their email and write back and we had to pay our staff to do that.  So as you can see, if you are sensible, that does not work.  You can hardly expect us to respect you and take you seriously if you do not take seriously the fact that we are that we are professionals who charge properly for our time and have expenses to cover.


When we used to allow people to write to us with their queries we were inundated and most of them were totally stupid where they should have been able to work it out themselves or they were somehow valuing their free time as being far more valuable than our professional time!

i.e.  I have already posted on the forums and am wondering if I should post another comment but need to know first from you if this is necessary before I do... this sort of silly question is posted in an attempt to save time - as though posting a comment is a highly time consuming, complicated and difficult thing to do!  If you take hours to write a comment how are you going to cope with writing emails to clients for five hours at a time? You cannot take hours over each email, we are too busy and cannot charge clients for all of that time!

We need experts who are blessed with common sense not who turn to us for advice at every turn.   The reason we are short staffed is because there are lots of people who lack common sense and very few who have enough sense to join our team!  We would be overstaffed already if we did not care if our staff were sensible, we have turned away hundreds of people who wanted to do this job but were not sensible enough to be offered it.


Can you imagine if someone was on masterchef and every time they did something they expected one of the judges to advise them on to how to peel a potato and what sort of sauce they should put with the meat? That it the same as asking the judges to ignore their own work to do the job interview for you.  


When we changed our system from commenting on the blog page to commenting on the advice columnist page this through someone in a tizzy. Despite knowing that we do not do free consultations and are understaffed they posted a comment asking us for free advice on this.

It would have been far more sensible for them to just carry on with their posts,  far quicker, and showing that they respect that our staff do not work for free. All they achieved was showing us that they are not up to it.


If you end up working for us and we will value your time too and pay you well.  If you were posting on a busy mass forum every day in the hope of being picked to be the forum moderator they would not write back and forth to you, they would be too busy AND you would have to put in a great deal of time to try to prove yourself worthy of this job which pays NOT ONE CENT. They would only bother to contact you or write back and forth to you once you have proved yourself, even though it is a voluntary position that does not pay one cent. It stands to reason then that sites that are understaffed and pay their staff will not write back and forth to you either.


I was posting in the hope of a job and got banned or thrown off of those pages?


You know we are short staffed, you know we are only interested in quality staff. You know this is why we are short staffed. You also know we are far too busy to write to you or discuss things with you.  If you post irresponsible, angry, boring, incompetent, abusive or nasty comments you are wasting our time. We are paying out staff to read them. Why would we pay our over staffed quality staff more to read more of them?

You are not entitled to use those pages of the site. It is a privilege we offer to those who might be suitable.


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