Frequently Asked Questions


For those who become a silver member able to use the qualification A.A.A after their name


This also makes an unusual, thoughtful and special present for a budding advisor's Christmas or birthday present.

You can be an advisor whether you are experienced nor not, have ever been paid for it before or are also a therapist or clairvoyant.


This qualification proves you are serious about helping people and genuinely wanting to give them advice and solutions to their problems, questions and struggles and that you have become a self employed advisor. You can then work for yourself as an advisor any way you choose, if you want advice on how to go about it - from us the experts, you can have 1 2 1 consultations with us. The website SELFGROWTH.COM offers similar advice, by telephone,  which is far less specific, for £350 per hour plus vat.  Our advice is far more specific and far cheaper.   Just go to the consultation page and book whatever you need.  This advice can be about how to deal with clients, how to set up the business or both. Only you know what your ambitions and desires are and what you need advice on.  


The small payment you make to be listed covers you being listed on the agony aunt directory page and can use the letters A.A.A after your name until the date of expiry. If any clients wish to consult someone listed on the self employed directory, or a website or magazine are looking to hire someone, they can see that you are interested and contact you. Show your friends and family and potential clients the listing which proves that you are a self employed agony aunt and advice columnist.


We make a note of everyone who subscribes to this and watch them more carefully than we do others to see if they have what it takes to join our team and if they are skilled and knowledgeable enough we offer them a job to become a well paid member of our staff. You do not need this  qualification to get a job with us.  You do need the right attitude and enough talent. If you have the right skills and attitude and we offer you a job then you can work for us as well as being self employed, that would be your choice.  If you change your mind and want us to remove your listing fine just let us know, but we do not refund your payment or any part of it as we have provided the service. If you spam or ignore site rules etc you will still be banned from using the forums and blogging.


If you wish to become a self employed advice columnist working for a magazine or site then the more you post the better. And you need a listing otherwise when a magazine or website sees your posts and wants to know who you are and contact you they are not able to.  The better your listings and the more of them the higher the chance they want you.  Magazines and websites get bombarded with wannabees writing to them asking them for these jobs,  it wastes their time, especially as so many of them are clearly not skilled enough to be offered such a job. So they come to our site and look here.


If you wish to become self employed having private clients then a listing is a great idea because anyone who sees our site is then able to contact you

for a private consultation.  How else will they know you exist?


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