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To Job Applicants and Staff


Q. I have been posting on the site and have not heard from you? Why not?


A. We consider everyone who does a proper job interview.   If you do not then we do not consider you for the job.  Contacting everyone is not possible. We contact those who are good enough to join our team.   If you are suitable to join our team are sensible and bright and you would have already worked out that  it would be a lot quicker and cheaper for us to do all of the work ourselves than to contact everyone.  Very few companies will contact each individual that contacts them.   With something like this we get a lot of timewasters.  People who do not have the time to spare to it or who are not skilled at solving problems and giving advice. We would have to hire and pay a lot more staff just to do that - which would mean we would have to  charge clients very high fees for our advice to cover those costs - they would refuse to pay that much and we would close down..


When a talent scout goes to a night club hoping to spot a good singer or dancer to offer a job to they do not talk to everyone there or let all of them contact them after, they only approach those with genuine talent who are worth approaching. Otherwise they would never get any work done.


Remember that an advice columnist and agony aunt is selling their time - every minute they waste is time they could have spent on helping clients, working and being paid and covering their expenses.


For those who wisely choose to invest in an exhaustive lesson....


If you are wise and mature having this lesson will very much help you to achieve to become a better advisor, just study it well and use your natural abilities, then go on to become self employed or apply to work for us or both.   Those who post the most and the best are those we consider for a position with us so doing the lesson and being wise can help you to achieve this.   Selfgrowth charges about £350 per hour for similar advice, on the phone, and they have no experience or skills in selling advice, only in therapy, counselling and psychic work.  So we are more specialised and we are cheaper than them.


The truth is that we only allow this lesson to go at this rock bottom price because we are short of staff and desperate to find reliable people.  Anyone who wants a well paid job in their spare time and is drawn to this but feeling they need help with it would be totally mad to pass it up.




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