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Only 1% are hoping to work for us. For that 1% remember...


Frequently asked questions....


Q. I have applied for a job with you before, can I apply again?


A. Yes you can, as many times as you wish, but we ban people who deliberately waste our time.


Q. How do I get paid?


By paypal. It is totally secure and safe and Worldwide.  We pay our staff once a month in arrears. Usually this means they receive about £1100 or the equivalent in their currency each four or so weeks. One of the wonderful things about working for us if that your own expense is a computer and electricity. No travelling time, no money spent  on petrol or train or bus fares.  Many people have to spend money and  two hours travelling two and from work before they do any work.


Q. Is there any charge for using the site?


A. Our clients - those who want us to help them make a decision, give insight into a problem or have lessons helping them to become professional advisors obviously have to pay us for our help and time.  Those who are applying for a job or just using the site for fun on the forums etc. do not pay us one cent.   Yes it costs us a lot to administer the site and pay staff to read all of the posts every day, but when we find someone who is genuine and great at giving advice and writing posts we are rewarded and have achieved our purpose.  Many have told us that we should charge the timewasters who do not have talent and waste our time but it would mean a lot more work to contact them all too.  Instead we just contact those who are special.


Q. But surely if I am using the site hoping to get a job and you are paying staff to read my

posts you are losing money?


A. Yes you are right!  Those who come to the site who are not genuine or not good at writing posts and giving advice are wasting our professional time and costing us money.  All they have lost is some of their spare time.  We have thought of charging people to apply on this site but it is complicated,  takes a lot of  time and not practical.  


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