Frequently Asked Questions



Q.  I am worried that you will charge me for the professionals who read my comments on the blogs -  Will you?


No of course not,  there is no need to spend a penny on our site if you are here because you are interested in working for us..


Those who choose to invest in a directory listing or the agency aunt lessons are wanting extras.  Neither of those are needed to apply for a position with us.


We are looking for people who are caring, intelligent, knowledgeable , mature, intelligent and good with words.     It is rare that we find one but when we do they stand out like a diamond in the mud and we ask them if they would like to work for us and join our team.


We also get people who are not caring, not intelligent, not knowledgeable, not mature and/or not good with words hoping we will choose them  - for all sorts of reasons - usually selfish ones.    Unfortunately we have to hope and trust in the fact that the people who do the interview on the site are genuine and we have to take peoples' word for it that they are.  We then have to pay our qualified professional staff to monitor the forums and comments.  This is very different to a normal forum where they get volunteers to do it in their spare time for free.  Our staff are professionals and as such we have to pay them and it is only fair that we do  - just as you would expect to be paid to do this if you joined our team.


We have to write off the cost of paying our staff to monitor the forums and comments as part and parcel of our head hunting knowing that a diamond in the mud comes along every so often that makes it all worthwhile.



Q.  It says there is no expense to me yet I am told I can pay for a lesson or pay for a professional opinion on my blog comments?


Of course you do!  If you wanted to become a train driver and you applied for the job BEFORE you were able to drive a train and you expected the experienced train drivers to give you lessons in how to do it you would expect to pay them for their expertise and time.    If you had subscribed to a writing course and you sent them an essay asking them for their professxional opinion they would charge you to write back with their thoughts on it.


Just as our clients who write to us for advice and guidance pay for our time anyone who needs guidance in how to do this job ought to pay for that time - because they are paying for a professional's expertise. We would much prefer that the people who come to our site hoping to be chosen for the job are already capable of it, it would make our life much easier and save us a lot of time.


You would not work for us free so why should our existing staff work for us for free?  You are simply doing a job interview in your spare time. It has not cost you a penny.    Giving a client or a potential staff member free advice/time is the same as giving them money because it costs us money to do this. If you are going to work as a professional advisor you have to learn that time is money whether it is another professional's time or your own.  We also have the cost of the website to cover.



Q.  I have been posting on the forums and blogs and have still not heard if I am suitable?  I want to know why not and wish to know why I have not been informed that I was not chosen?


Now please get realistic here.  Our site is set up to sell advice to people who are in need of guidance on their problems, decisions and issues.  We do not really want people who need advice on how to do this job coming to the site too,  we try to help them but we have to put our proper paying clients first.   We are far too busy to watch over them and count exactly what they did and when and get in touch and discuss it with them.  It is up to them to only apply for the vacancy if suitable and work out how they are progressing.






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