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We have also had a few very silly people thinking that if they pay for a lesson or an entry in the directory this somehow guarantees them a position with us (like a very very cheap bribe) where they assume we will totally ignore the fact that we have to make sure that new staff members are very capable and reliable and have enough spare time. A truly talented genuine person would not feel the need to cut corners and they would respect the fact that we are too genuine and smart to be swayed by that.  Nobody who is smart enough to work for us would be so desperate for a good job that they feel the need to do that.  One lady sent us a donation of £1000 in the hope it would mean we employ her.  This merely showed us that she does not believe she is talented enough to do this work and hopes we overlook this. We refunded her money to her and we did not employ her. If she was genuine she would have cared about the need to be skilled enough to help people and would have been happy to accept if she did not have what it takes. It is a huge responsibility to advise others about their problems and their needs come before yours.


A genuine person's main thought would be concern that they are good enough to take on this enormous responsiblilty and have clients take notice of their advice.  Not that they must have the job at all costs because it suits them. If they are not chosen they would say to themself that at least they found out that they are better suited to other things and it might stop them wasting a lot of time and money on trying to set up their own business. They have given some spare time to finding this out, we have paid our staff to help them find out, so we are the losers.


Take another example - if you hire a cleaner through an agency and pay the agency £15 per hour for the cleaner half goes to the cleaner and half to the agency.  Both have worked hard but the agency had all of the expense.  A naive person would say but the cleaner did all the work. WRONG. The agency advertised, they took phone calls, they have an office, they may have interviewed a dozen potential cleaners that day.


Obviously we cannot pay our staff so much per hour and make it the same for everyone as some are quicker than others and that would not be fair to the quick ones. Our staff get 50% of each consultation so if they do a £20 consultation they receive £10.  It should not take them long to do this so they ought to be able to clear £40 in an hour with no  expense, which is very good when you remember that they have no administration or expenses. If it was their own business instead it is very unlikely they would earn anywhere near that as most of the people who need this service come to us. You could set up a site and spend a lot of time and money on it and not get one client.  And remember that unless you are qualified with a proven track record nobody would ever value or pay for your advice.  A lot of wannabees have set up so called advice sites, totally unknown people, then a year or so later they have disappeared because they did not know how to run a site, they did not have any ability in running a business and they did not have any abilities at sorting out problems.  Think of all of the time and money you could waste on trying to do this.


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