Frequently asked questions




How much will I get paid?


A. Typical an agony aunt or advice columnist who sets up your own business or are self employed you will earn £55 an hour.  Whether you get work and how many hours work you get will depend on how good you are at promoting yourself, getting repeat clients etc. But you must allow for the fact that all of the expenses are yours with no gaurantee of anything anything at all.


Obviously if you work through a site or an employer then they are the ones who are advertising, marketing, dealing with enquiries and administration, saving you time and money,  so they are going to need to cover their expenses and make a profit too. But you are going to be sure of getting work and you are also sure of having no expenses - everything you earn is profit.  We pay our advisors £40 an hour, which is all theirs.


I know a therapist who is great at advertising, he is terrific with clients so a lot of them return and recommend others, so he makes quite a bit of profit running his own consultancy.   There is another therapist I know who is useless at marketing and advertising so he barely makes any profit at all.


A smart person would have already thought of this, but for the others....


Take this as an example -  a cab driver usually either buys their own car, where they pay for the car, insurance, tax, repairs etc OR they borrow a car from an employer and pay them rental on the car.  The employer may be spending thousands a week on advertising, an office and staff who answer the phone to get them work so the cab driver gives them a commission - usually 50% - in return for all of this.   It would be ridiculous and greedy of the cab driver to expect the company to allow him to benefit from their website, office, advertising and administration staff for free, that would mean that the cab company never make a bean...and... are paying for the privilege of working for nothing.  Our website, office and administration staff are the equivalent of this.


If you work for a magazine or newspaper you usually get paid an annual salary which depends on how popular you are, how many hours you work, and so on. You usually get some holiday pay and sick pay.