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One of our staff spotted a so called review of our site written by a very angry woman. Instead of reviewing the site she moaned that she had applied for the job and not been offered it.  Why would any sensible person assume that they have to be offered every job they apply for?  The whole idea of applying is to offer yourself in the hope of not with a guarantee.  She went on to say that she had written to an agony aunt elsewhere for advice on this! She said she had wanted lessons in how to do it but was angry because we could not tell her how many lessons she needed.  Someone who is genuine would not be in a great rush, they would understand these things take time and realise we canot possible say how long it would take for her to reach the point where she is good enough.  Just as with everything she might never reach that point.  Look at the people who  have driving lessons and fail their test over and over again. Some of them are never ever able to drive.


It was clear from the post that this angry woman thought that as she had been turned down for every other job she had applied for we had no right to choose someone else for the job instead of her and was out for revenge.  Does this mean that if five hundred people apply we have to hire all of those five hundred people, even if they cannot read and write properly or their advice is terrible? But she ought to have been wondering why her applications for jobs were always rejected and changed whatever the problem was instead of blaming the potential employer.


This lady had not spent a penny on our services yet launched into an abusive tirade of how horrible we are simply because we did not offer her a job.  Which tells you a lot more about her than it does about us.  How would she have behaved if she had travelled a long way for an interview, spending a day's wages on petrol, and then not been given a job?


If money is your only motive for wanting to work for us you are not genuine.   We get doctors, lawyers, full time writers, business owners and other top professionals applying to work for us, these people earn more in their normal job than they would with us, proving they are not desperate for a job or money,  but it still does not guarantee that they are suitable to do this work.  We often find that the best people are those who have never had a responsible well paid job before but who are sensible, responsible, mature and good with people.


Please do not apply if you are too busy to take this further.  The more money we waste on paying staff to check applications the less we have to hire new staff or for wages.  Some of the applicants we have had so far have anonymously donated money to us towards the expense of monitoring the comments and forums and checking out applications.  They do it anonymously because they are not tryng to buy a job, take advantage or gain favour in any way, but it is their way of saying that they have worked out that this expense needs to be covered.






charlotte craig