The directory of agony aunts is here at last, the only one of it's kind in the World.  The people who are listed here are serious individuals who really care about others and want to help them. They are either self employed where they have paid to be listed and work totally independently or they work for us - or both. 


We have members all over the World. Some work by email, others face to face, others by phone, others as factual writers  - some do a mix of all of these. 



Joel Pailagao Akut A.A.A. (Makati, Philippines)


Yvonne Annietin A.A.A.  (New York, USA)


Jane Austen A.A.A. (Gungahlin, Australia)


Cris Baker A.A.A. (Gibraltar in Europe)


Claire Brindle A.A.A. (Sydney, Australia)


Ace Christopher A.A.A (Delhi, India)


Hilary Constantine A.A.A.  (London, UK)  Works for us


Venerina Conti MA, BSc, A.A.A.- Transpersonal Life Coach


Aisley Dickinson A.A.A (Glasgow, Scotland) Works for us


Jemima Ella A.A.A. ( Cork, Ireland)


Jacqueline Emerson A.A.A. (Sydney, Australia) Works for us


Liam Link A.A.A. (Bournemouth, England) Works for us


Norman Long A.A.A. (Manchester, UK) Works for us


Sophie Mooreton A.A.A  (Bristol, England)



Stanley Plumb A.A.A. (Wellington, New Zealand)


Leonard Pope A.A.A.   (Carlisle, Ireland)


Rosemary Price A.A.A. A.P.P. B.A.P.S. F.P.A.P.S.S. (London, UK)


Sue Recake A.A.A. (Ghent, Belgium)


Beth Shepherd A.A.A also psychic medium and healer Beth Shepherd for top real tarot cards and spiritual consultations



Kara Spittal (New Zealand) A.A.A. until 1st June 2017  


David Timothy A.A.A.  (Paris, France)


Sophie Tummy A.A.A. (Boston, USA)


Jacqueline Valentine A.A.A. (Philippines)


Ace Vaughn A.A.A. (Toronto, Canada) Works for us


Leoneta Wonder-Yum A.A.A. (Singapore) Works for us


Ann Wynn A.A.A. (New Zealand)


(Ms) Kat Yip - Professional A.A.A. (United Kingdom, Stoke on Trent)


Gill Baker A.A.A.

Email and phone consultations

Pay through paypal

Tel:  0208 - 530 - 8933  

London UK