Dear Cupid

With 39 years of experience as a leading full time professional dear cupid advisor  having worked for years face to face and now online.  We would not be here if we were not good.  Most are  has beens who are gone and forgotten after just a few months.   Many of the others are bored housewives who set up a site and then wonder why nobody will pay them for their opinion!  I can tell you why!  Because people can get the opinion of an unqualified housewife for free from one of their friends.  


Charlotte works with a specially selected team of hand picked agony aunts who can help YOU and all who deserve the best help available to come to the right conclusion to their situation sort, whether that problem is now resolved and it is a matter of looking at it in a different way so that you can learn to live with it or, as is often the case, telling you what you should do so that you no longer have a negative situation and have a positive and happy one instead.  Just one of the reasons Charlotte is still around and popular after thirty nine years. Another is that she is well organised and makes sure that you get the help you need quickly, another is that she makes sure it is at a very acceptable and fair price.  If you went to see a counsellor they would charge you a

lot more and not be able to give you a solution.


Charlotte is properly and fully qualified - successfuly tested and examined many times, not just by ordinary clients but by experts.  Highly recommended by the media, stars of stage and screen, radio, newspapers, magazines etc.  Individual online consultations at a realistic and fair price.  And the only professional who makes herself available to clients where they can contact her directly.  Speedy.   If you write to a magazine or newspaper instead that takes over a month usually and they skimp on the reply because they get so many and are always understaffed and the person whose name appears on the page is never the one who write to you, she is simply the person advertised to pull in letters or the manageress.  If you have to wait for about a month or more for a reply you could have resolved the issue by then or you would be in a terrible state from having worried for such a long time.  


 I find it hard to understand how someone can be claiming to be of help to you when they themselves put you through such a lot of worry while you wait so long for them to get back to you.  But these online  magazines and newspapers receive sackfuls of post each and every day and as it is they are doing it for free so it is the best you can expect for free. The only reason they offer the free service is so that when a juicy or unusual letter crosses their desk they can feature that later. The run of the mill ones just get written and sent off  as quickly as possible.  And if you write to them again it will be a different member of staff who reads that one and writes back.  In the very rare cares where you get the same person again they would not be able to remember your previous letter because they read it at least a month ago and have read many similar ones since. When people used to write to Claire Rayner she had a team of about twenty four people who actually wrote back for her.  We are also very reliable.  We wil never let you down. Caring. You do not have to tell us your real name. Everything is confidential. Safe payment method - use pay pal as it is totally safe.  It is the safest method online.


You may wonder what sort of problems people consult us about. With many- well most - it is usually women who consult us - it s about their guy,either one that slipped through their fingers and disappeared and they want him back or want revenge or one they are with where things are not running smoothly.Very often they are not sure of how their guy feels so they want to know if he is wanting the same serious  committed future they want.   But with some of them they are simply  lonely or theyare confused because they are with someone but also very keen on another one.    Here again friends are no good for this.   A friend may mean well but they cannot honestly  say they know how your partner feels about  you,  the best they can do is to talk to the partner and ask him but thatl does not mean he tells them the truth or reveals all!


Dear cupid.


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