Dating cheats.  There are very few professional agony advice columnists around.  Charlotte is a kosher aunty. Most who claim to be one are in fact people who are self styled and are writing for free on other people's sites, with no qualifications and no proven track record and they are unlikely to ever be paid for their advice. Some of them have set up their own site and ask people to pay them money for their advice and then wonder why people are not keen!  This site is dedicated to everything to do with solving problems, especially the emotional variety, and the one thing that upsets people more than anything is a relationship issue.  Finding out that you are dating a person who is unfaithful is one of the worst things that can happen to you, so I have often dealt with it.  Invariably it is a woman that has been let down by a man but it can sometimes happen the other way around too. This site is here to help with a problem, yours is being solved online for free.  If you want a private 1 2 1 consultation then you can arrange that too, where you receive an email reply from an expert very soon. Agony aunts want to help you and this advice columnist offers you hundreds of pages of free advice as well as personal consultations.


If you find out your wife or  husband is unfaithful you need to ask yourself if it is because you are not a strong unit as a couple, and either you have not been together long enough to warrant asking him to be faithful,  or your relationship was going through a rough patch or a break or you had split for a while.  But if your partner was unfaithful because they find it hard or are not interested in being monogomous and like to play the field you need to ask yourself a very important question.  Which is "why am I dating a cheater?"  If the answer is that you are also unfaithful or there is something very special about this person that you cannot resist then delve deeper and find out if you are better off with them or without them and be totally selfish about it.   If it is a case of how you lack the confidence to be single or find someone else then you need to work on yourself before you do anything else as not only will the partner you are already with not appreciate you or respect you if you are needy or lacking but the same will apply if you do break free and move on and look elsewhere.


Some men and women are simply not suited to living a monogomous existence but then it would be wise to find this out before you fall for them and walk away or be aware of what you are dealing with.  If someone who is not cut out to be monogomous gets into any committed relationship they can never stay faithful so they  have to choose between doing what the other person wants or doing what they want on the sly, either way someone is unhappy and maybe more than one is.  If you are getting together with someone who you know is not a faithful type telling yourself you can change them is you being deluded.  Just as a man will think he can change a lesbian and get her to fancy him because he is so wonderful she will want him, a man or woman who cannot or does not want to be faithful will not be and it makes no difference how wonderful you are.  Anyway someone needs a very good reason to even try to change or keep a promise.  You can never change anyone else's behaviour, only your own, and they  have no reason to bother to or want to change anyway.


Instead of looking at the fact that your partner is a cheat look at the fact that YOU are the one who is with them and you can walk away.  With millions of people on the planet why make do with second best?  Yes it does hurt and it is not easy but staying with someone who hurts you is as masochistic as sticking pins in your eyes.


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