Couples Problems

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If you can find any couple who can HONESTLY claim that they have never had a problem I will find you a dreamer or a fibber. In my experience the only time it is possible for two to agree all the time is if they  have not been together long enough to have a  real problem OR one of them agrees with the other for the sake of peace or because they are too weak to stand  up for themselves.


How do people deal with their problems now?    It is interesting but men tend to see it as the women being unco-operative and needing to find a way to make her more compliant and agreeable, hence the film The Stepford Wives was popular and in a way made scary sense.  Men sometimes see things in black and white terms so, for example, if the guy fancies sex three times a day and the woman says no he is  unlikely to look at why she says no and instead he just tries to find a way to make her say yes.  He might buy her underwear or flowers or take her out for a meal but BECAUSE he wants what he wants after, not because he is being genuinely affectionate, caring or giving.  A man might write to an agony uncle for advice and be told how to manipulate his woman. Where the problem pages for women will see it differently. When a woman goes off of sex with her partner there is always at least one very good reason so a few flowers or chocolates or a meal will not change that.  He is far more likely to get things the way he wants them by finding out where things went wrong or what changed to cause her to say no.  A man who's wife has cheated on him will say this is the problem, it is not. There was a reason WHY she cheated on him and THAT is the problem.


Women tend to be more talkative and emotional about problems which can be good or it can be bad. They may chat for hours to their friends about what they want and how they feel but if they cannot sit down and tell their man they will not resolve anything.  Likewise if one wants to talk and the other will not listen or is not honest they will never achieve anything.


Some resolve their issues by going to a counsellor or therapist, others go onto relationship forums which are free but time consuming and with no guarantee of any suitable help, others go to a very accurate clairvoyant for advice or predictions, others come to us for private 1 2 1 agony aunt  solutions with an expert.   Most situations can be sorted if both people are intelligent and reasonable it is only when one of them is being quite selfish and unrealistic that there is no way things can improve.  But many of the situations that are brought to us come from the wrong two people being together in the first place.  The worst of females tend though to just complain about what is wrong rather than looking for a way to change it or fix it.  They would love to sit and tell their friends and get a lot of sympathy but in the long run where does this get them other than boring their friends and putting off doing something practical?  The worst of men will just promise not to do it again or promise it will all be alright and then carry on the same.


A man who is longing to have kids might get together with a lady who hates kids and then decides that she must change,  or it had never occurred to him to find out about this before they made a committment.  No matter how much talking these two people do the situation will be the same because they are not suited.


Very often the male will be quite happy with the female so long as she has a high sex drive but run to an agony aunt advisor like Charlotte Craig  if she has a low sex drive.  Why did he not make sure of this before he married her?! He also forgets that it may just be that she has gone off of him or never really loved him in the first place, maybe she has another guy or is tired.  With most females the person and the circumstances have to be right.  All marital issues can be resolved if you have someone wise and unbiased to help you both.   Why not  consult Charlotte Craig personally now?


Couples problems.