Coping with Depression

Coping with depression by ask free online  agony aunt advice .   Anyone who has this will tell you that not only is it awful it itself but there is an added problem. Which is that people around you do not understand, even if you are able to try to explain it to them and ask them for support.  Unfortunately,  the word is used too freely and has been bandied around a lot recently with a lot of famous people and celebrities claiming to have it over the slightest things when in actual fact the truth is that they simply were unhappy about a hiccup in their life or things did not run as smoothly for them as they usually do.  You only have to open a newspaper or magazine to see a headline that states something along the lines of CHERYL COLE DEPRESSED BECAUSE SHE MIGHT NOT GET X FACTOR JOB and you will see what I mean.  When someone who is young, healthy, fit, good looking, famous, rich and adored says it is the end of the World when one thing goes wrong they are not getting things in proportion and it would be ridiculous to say they are ill!  They are seeking a perfect World where every day is fantastic.  Being upset about not getting another three million dollars when you are very rich, have your health and your looks and the love of may is not about being ill, it is about being spoilt.


So - strange as this may seem - the first thing you should do is make sure that it really is this that you are coming with and not being unhappy or put out because something did not go your way.   The real thing will be with you for ages, not just one day and then go, and it would not come purely because of one little thing.  When someone claims to be feeling it because it is raining or they have no spending money that week that is simply wanting life to go the way they want all of the time.


There are all different types and the  usual type is REACTIVE.  This is over something important, such as a person you love dying, losing your home, finding out you have cancer.   Something which is extremely emotional or life changing or both.


You are doing well if you follow a formula because that way when you have the worst days and the bad days you will see a light at the end of the tunnel.  You need to deal with it with a mixture of logic, practical matters and emotion, because it is an emotion and a nasty one. Some forms  can bring with them physical symptoms so ask yourself if you are suffering from any physical symptoms due to your depression?  Headaches, stomach aches, lethargy, sleeping more or less, change of appetite, nausea, wanting to hide from people etc?  Then remind yourself that this is temporary and you will overcome it.  Many forms of this illness bring physical symptoms along with the emotional ones, a sure sign that you really are ill and not just having a bad few days emotionally. But just as it can come it can go.


Sometimes medication can beat it help but some people get bad side effects from them and they can be addictive, which in the long run could cause you more problems and maybe worse problems!  There are natural ones through homoeopathy, herbal medicine (such as St Johns Wort - BUT that must be taken with caution, read up about it before taking it), Vitamin B can help too.  If you want to go down this road read up all about it online or consult a nutritionist.  A naturopath is an option. Other people find that using something like a brain machine is a big help.  You really should try one of these machines they do help the brain, even if you do not have depression!  I have been using one for years, and I never feel down, it helps me to think, to relax, to meditate, to concentrate and make clear decisions.  I am a great believer in preventing problems rather than letting them happen and then worrying about what could have been prevented.  Some say that going to a counsellor is of benefit to them but I find that strong decisive people do not benefit from it and those who are less decisive and analytical and confident may do. The strong thinkers tend to be able to work it all out on their own without their help. If your partner has just left you or died then there is nothing to work out anyway, the cause is obvious.


Talking is often the best, simply sitting down and telling someone who truly cares how you feel and bouncing off of them and being able to lean on them can be a huge help.  If you are not able to do with with a loved one (which may be the cause or may make it worse) then you should ring the Samaritans or see a counsellor and go over things with them.


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Coping with depression.